Bethlehem wall (photo by GZ) Spice shop in the old town, Nablus (photo by BvB) Checkpoint north of the West Bank (photo by GdB) The old city of Jerusalem (photo by GZ) Checkpoint Howwara (photo by GZ) Jericho (photo by GdB) Road block north of the West Bank (photo by GdB) Market in Nablus (photo by GZ) Birzeit University (photo by GZ) Bedouin kids in Al Mawasi, Gaza (Photo my AM)

Who we are

Palestine Link is an initiative by Palestinians in the Netherlands. It is a genuine independent voice and a professional resource and service center.


Our mission

Palestine Link advocates Palestinian national and human rights, and promotes Palestinian interests. It seeks to put Palestine and the Palestinians on the European agenda in a positive way.


What we do

S etting the agenda
C hallenging stereotypes
R e-framing
A dvocating (human) rights
B randing Palestine
B uilding bridges
L inking up
E ncounters


For whom

Palestine Link is the gateway to Palestine for anyone who is interested in the land, the people and the opportunities. We provide services, information and advice tailored to the needs and interests of students, for example, church communities, entrepreneurs, journalists and civil society organizations.



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Palestine on the map

Palestinian loss of land 1946-2010 >>

Palestinian loss of land 1946-2010

In the spotlight

“Our roots are stronger than the wall”


160615-wall-information-center2.jpgThe Wall Information Center, initiative of the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem, member of Pax Christi, and Palestine Link, gives voice to Palestinians who are directly affected by the wall that is imposed upon them by the occupation. The Center advocates their right to a dignified life in freedom and self-determination.


Israel spin doctors move to exploit Orlando massacre


071107-ali-abunimah-am.jpgAuthorities in Florida are still releasing the names of the 49 people massacred by Omar Mateen in Orlando’s Pulse gay nightclub early on Sunday morning. It is an agonizing list of predominantly young and Latino people who could not have imagined their lives would be cut short in such a horrifying manner as they went out for a night of enjoyment. But even before all the victims are known, the US and Israeli far right are moving to exploit Mateen’s crime to further a narrative that indicts Muslims collectively and fuels hatred and confrontation.


By Ali Abunimah

Palestinian seed library salvages agricultural heritage from Israeli occupation


160428-seed-library.jpgLight green almonds - still unripe - dot a giant old tree on one of the few terraced plots left in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem. “I call this tree Karima, the generous one because it gives so much," says Vivien Sansour as she reaches up into the trees branches and holds the crop between her fingers. Trees like this have increasingly come under threat because of the Israeli occupation, with water supplies restricted to Palestinian farms and settlement building encroaching on traditional agricultural plots. In response, Ms Sansour, a Palestinian agriculturalist, has spent the last year collecting seed varieties used for generations by Palestinian farmers with the aim of preserving them. (Photo: Heidi Levine for The National)


Entrepreneur Khaled al Sabawi on tackling high energy prices in Palestine.
VPRO's Tegenlicht onderzoekt: Waarom loopt Nederland altijd aan de leiband van Israel?
Rafeef Ziadah's poem about a little girl in Gaza during Cast Lead: "Hadeel is nine. Hadeel was nine..."
Mohammad Khatib imagining what great things an entrepreneur can do if he doesn't have to worry about how to feed his family at the end of the month.