Anti-wall demonstration in Bi'lin. (Photo by LS) Cremisan Road, Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Mahmoud Darwish in the presence of absence (photo by GZ) Drone flying over KhanYounis, Gaza. (Photo by CdV) Old city of Hebron (photo by GZ) Gilo settlement - Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Bypass road north-south - Jerusalem (photo by GZ) Corridor from Erez crossing into Gaza (Photo by CdV) Hisham's Palace, Jericho (photo by GZ) Wall grafitti made by Berlin residents. (Photo by CdV) Mahmoud Darwish on Yasser Arafat- Ramallah (photo by GZ)

For whom

Palestine Link is the gateway to Palestine for anyone who is interested in the land, the people and the opportunities. We provide services, information and advice tailored to the needs and interests of students, for example, church communities, entrepreneurs, journalists and civil society organizations.



Are you interested in the Middle East, and you are particularly curious about Palestinian society, language, religion, history, culture and literature, or the political situation? Do you want to visit Palestine and need advice on where to go and who to meet? Read more >>


Pastors and church communities

Injustice marks the life of both Christian and Muslim Palestinians. in 2009, Palestinian Christians published the Kairos document  ‘The moment of truth '. They encourage Christians worldwide to critically reflect on their theology regarding Israel.

Palestine Link can assist you in launching the discussion on the issue in an appropriate manner within your church. We introduce you and your community to the Palestinian theology of peace and justice in the Holy Land.



Doing business in Palestine is possible! The telecom and IT are the fastest growing sectors in Palestine. With an increasing number of Palestinian college graduates - both in Gaza and the West Bank -  in IT, the highest number of Internet connections in the Middle East and competitive salaries software development and outsourcing are attractive sectors for potential investors. The tourism industry is growing as well. Read more>>



Palestine is not only a country with a complex political reality, but also has a rich culture, folklore and history. Palestine Link helps journalists with practical travel information and useful and reliable contacts such as local news agencies, (freelance) photographers, interpreters, fixers or cameramen in the West Bank as well as in Gaza. Read more>>


Civil society

Would you and your organization like to know more about the occupation of Palestine? Palestine Link provides presentations for audiences of any age or (religious) background. We work with various organizations Dutch, Israeli and Palestinian that work to achieve a just peace in Palestine and regularly organize lectures, debates and film screenings together. We host public events as well as themed gatherings in your church, mosque or association.


For you too?

What can Palestine Link do for you? We provide services, information and advice tailored to the needs and interests of many:


  • Organizations and individuals
  • Politicians and journalists
  • Academics and professionals
  • Students and researchers
  • Spiritual leaders and pilgrims
  • Economists and entrepreneurs
  • Tourists
  • Artists


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