Hisham's Palace, Jericho (photo by GZ) Mahmoud Darwish on Yasser Arafat- Ramallah (photo by GZ) Drone flying over KhanYounis, Gaza. (Photo by CdV) Gilo settlement - Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Bypass road north-south - Jerusalem (photo by GZ) Anti-wall demonstration in Bi'lin. (Photo by LS) Corridor from Erez crossing into Gaza (Photo by CdV) Mahmoud Darwish in the presence of absence (photo by GZ) Wall grafitti made by Berlin residents. (Photo by CdV) Old city of Hebron (photo by GZ) Cremisan Road, Beit Jala (photo by GZ)



  Ilan Pappe The ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  Ilan Pappe De etnische zuivering van Palestina
  Ilan Pappe The forgotten Palestinians, a history of Palestinians In Israel
  Walid Khalidi (red.) All that remains
  Walid Khalidi Before their diaspora, a photographic history of the Palestinians 1876-1948
  Simha Flapan The birth of Israel, myths and reality
  Ghada Karmi Married to another man, Israel’s dilemma in Palestine
  Ghada Karmi In search of Fatima, a Palestinian story
  F.W. Assenberg De historie van Palestijnen in Vlaardingen
  Samih K. Farsoun / Naseer Arouri Palestine and the Palestinians, a social and political history
  Joe Sacco Footnotes in Gaza (graphic novel)
  Joe Sacco Palestinians (graphic novel)
  Ben White Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy
  Jonathan Randal The Tragedy of Lebanon: Christian Warlords, Israeli Adventurers, and American Bunglers
  S. Yizhar Khirbet Khizeh
  Régis Debray To an Israeli friend

Occupation and resistance

  Tom Segev 1967, Israel, the war and the year that transformed the middle-east
  Khaled Hroub Hamas, a beginner’s guide
  Anja Meulenbelt Het beroofde land (Dutch)
  Anja Meulenbelt Oorlog als er vrede dreigt (Dutch)
  Anja Meulenbelt Kwart over Gaza (Dutch)
  Ramzy Baroud The Palestinian Intifada 
  Shir Hever The political economy of Israel's occupation, repression beyond exploitation
  David Cronin Europe's alliance with Israel, aiding the occupation
  Frank Barat and Asa Winstanley (ed.) Corporate complicity in Israel's occupation, Evidence from the London Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine
  Nurit Peled-Elhanan Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education
  Arthur Neslen Occupied Minds: A Journey Through the Israeli Psyche
  Arthur Neslen In Your Eyes A Sandstorm: Ways of Being Palestinian
  Arthur Neslen Dignity under siege
  Niam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé Gaza in crisis. Reflections on Israel's war against the Palestinians
  Guy Delisle Les chroniques de Jéruzalem (graphic novel)
  Guy Delisle Jerusalem (graphic novel)
  Jeff Halper War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification

Religion and the occupation


Mark Braverman

Fatal embrace, Christians, Jews and the search for peace in the Holy Land

Stephen Sizer

Zion's Christian soldiers? The Bible, Israel and the Church

Stephen Sizer

Christian Zionism, road map to Armageddon?

Naim Ateek

Justice and only justice, a Palestinian theology of liberation

Naim Ateek/ Cedar Dubaybis (ao.)

Challenging Christian Zionism

Shlomo Sand

The invention if the Jewish people

Shlomo Sand

The words and the land

Rifat Odeh Kassis

Kairos for Palestine

Leopold Lambert

Weaponized architecture

Personal stories

  Arjan el Fassed Niet iedereen kan stenen gooien, een Nederlandse Palestijn op zoek naar zijn wortels en identiteit (Dutch)
  Stan van Houcke De oneindige oorlog (Dutch)
  Raja Shehadeh Palestinian walks, notes on a vanishing landscape
  Suad Amiry Sharon and my mother-in-law
  Suad Amiry Sharon en mijn schoonmoeder (Dutch)
  Rula Jebreal Miral
  Ibtisam Barakat Tasting the sky, a Palestinian childhood
  Ibtisam Barakat De smaak van de hemel, mijn Palestijnse kindertijd (Dutch)
  Leila el-Haddad Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between
  Miko Peled

The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine

  Susan Nathan

De andere kant van Israël (Dutch)

  Susan Nathan

The other side of Israel

  Salman Abu Sitta

Mapping my Return: A Palestinian Memoir

International law

  Dries van Agt Een schreeuw om recht (Dutch)
  Lex Takkenberg The status of Palestinian refugees in international law

Peace process

  Ali Abunimah One Country, a bold proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian impasse
  Tanya Reihardt Roadmap to Nowhere
  Afif Safieh

The Peace Process, From Breakthrough to Breakdown

  Tariq Shadid

Understanding Palestine


  Malkit Shoshan Atlas of the conflict
  Robert Soeterik (red.) De verwoesting van Palestina (Dutch)
  Annelys de Vet (red.) Subjective atlas of Palestine

Novels and short stories

  Emile Habibi The Secret Life of Saeed the Pessoptimist
  Sahar Khalifa De erfenis
  Sahar Khalifa Memoires van een eigenzinnige vrouw (Dutch)
  Sahar Khalifa The Picture, the Icon, the Covenent
  Rula Jibreal Miral
  Mourid Barghouti I Saw Ramallah
  Mourid Barghouti Ik zag Ramallah (Dutch)
  Ghassan Kanafani Men in the Sun
  Elias Khoury Gate of the Sun


  Mahmoud Darwish Waarom heb je het paard alleen gelaten? (Dutch)
  Ibtisam Barakat Shattered
  Ibtisam Barakat The Flag of Childhood
  Mourid Barghouti Midnight and other Poems