Corridor from Erez crossing into Gaza (Photo by CdV) Mahmoud Darwish on Yasser Arafat- Ramallah (photo by GZ) Mahmoud Darwish in the presence of absence (photo by GZ) Anti-wall demonstration in Bi'lin. (Photo by LS) Wall grafitti made by Berlin residents. (Photo by CdV) Bypass road north-south - Jerusalem (photo by GZ) Drone flying over KhanYounis, Gaza. (Photo by CdV) Hisham's Palace, Jericho (photo by GZ) Old city of Hebron (photo by GZ) Cremisan Road, Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Gilo settlement - Beit Jala (photo by GZ)

Did you know that ...



  • Palestinian economy is dominated by services, while industry remains underdeveloped and at a low level, and the agricultural sector suffers from the lack or restrictive access to natural resources.
  • The village of Taybeh, near Ramallah, shares its name with Palestine’s only beer brand and host of the annual Oktoberfest.
  • Due to the export restrictions imposed by Israel, Taybeh beer for the European market is brewed under license in Belgium.
  • The main reason behind the current economic crisis is the general closure and separation policy imposed by Israel in March 1993, which has never been lifted since.
  • Sealing off the Gaza Strip was especially harmful, as its economy was mainly export-oriented. Only one fifth of its two main export products - carnations and strawberries – were exported in 2007 while the remainder was used as animal feed.
  • The closure of Gaza resulted in some US$6.5 million in losses for carnation farmers and US$7 million for strawberry exporters (UNCTAD, 2008).
  • The tourism sector in the Palestinian occupied territories is growing rapidly. Various tour operators cater to all kinds of travelers. Breathtaking landscape, the historic and religious significance of the Holy Land and the vibrant city of Ramallah appeal to trail walkers, pilgrims and clubbers alike.
  • Institutions such as the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) or the Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE), and the Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies are among the active organizations promoting alternative and responsible tourism to Palestine.
  • A valuable resource for tourists is Visit Palestine.