Anti-wall demonstration in Bi'lin. (Photo by LS) Cremisan Road, Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Mahmoud Darwish in the presence of absence (photo by GZ) Drone flying over KhanYounis, Gaza. (Photo by CdV) Gilo settlement - Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Hisham's Palace, Jericho (photo by GZ) Corridor from Erez crossing into Gaza (Photo by CdV) Old city of Hebron (photo by GZ) Mahmoud Darwish on Yasser Arafat- Ramallah (photo by GZ) Wall grafitti made by Berlin residents. (Photo by CdV) Bypass road north-south - Jerusalem (photo by GZ)

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Palestinians in the Netherlands

  • The town of Vlaardingen is home to a Palestinian community of approximately 5000 people, while the total number of Palestinians in the Netherlands is estimated at 12 – 15,000.The workers of the ROMI margarine factory in Nablus were employed by the ROMI branch in the Netherlands and settled in Vlaardingen in the early 60’s.
  • The June-war of 1967, and the following occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem by Israel, turned their Palestinian passports invalid and their temporary residence in Vlaardingen became permanent. Vlaardinger Frans W. Assenberg wrote ‘De historie van de Palestijnen in Vlaardingen’ about the community.
  • Among renowned Dutch Palestinians are poet Laureate of the Netherlands Ramsey Nasr, GroenLinks member of Parliament Arjan el Fassed, TV-presentor Kefa Allush and award winning filmmaker Hani Assad.