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Lecture: Peacefully resisting the occupation, a women's perspective


Manal and Narriman Tamimi from the popular committee in Nabi Saleh and Dr. Anne de Jong, anthropologist specialized in non-violent resistance in the Palestinian territorieswill give a lecture at the Institute for Social Studies (ISS)in The Hague on Tuesday 14th. of February. Palestine Link and the ISS host this evening.


Peaceful resistance is firmly rooted in Palestinian tradition and comes in many forms: civil disobedience, tax strikes, courts cases or simply by carrying on life in the occupied territories are only a few. In many villages throughout the West Bank villagers hold weekly protest demonstrations, armed only with their placards, cheers and solidarity from international and Israel activists. The Israeli army invariably responds with gunfire, stun grenades and teargas, inflicting injuries and even death on civilians.


Manal and Narriman Tamimi, two women form the West Bank village Nabi Saleh are the heart of the popular resistance. Violent responses, nightly searches of the village by the IDF, demolition of their homes, unlawful arrests of adult and children have not affected their firm belief that non-violence is the way to resist the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Dr. Anne de Jong recently published a research of joint Israel and Palestinian peaceful resistance. She also joined the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2010.


Tuesday 14 February, 18.00 – 20.00 hrs. ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, 2518 AX The Hague. Entrance is free.

Photo: Kara Newhouse