Mahmoud Darwish in the presence of absence (photo by GZ) Wall grafitti made by Berlin residents. (Photo by CdV) Cremisan Road, Beit Jala (photo by GZ) Drone flying over KhanYounis, Gaza. (Photo by CdV) Hisham's Palace, Jericho (photo by GZ) Corridor from Erez crossing into Gaza (Photo by CdV) Old city of Hebron (photo by GZ) Anti-wall demonstration in Bi'lin. (Photo by LS) Bypass road north-south - Jerusalem (photo by GZ) Mahmoud Darwish on Yasser Arafat- Ramallah (photo by GZ) Gilo settlement - Beit Jala (photo by GZ)



Women's organisations: "UN, end Israeli impunity!"


women-palestine-college-tour.jpgOn the occasion of the 27th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), a delegation of representatives of Palestinian and international women organizations descended on Geneva between 16th and 19th September. With a high sense of urgency, the delegation called upon the HRC and all member states to live up to their responsibilities to put an end to Israel’s impunity, uphold International Law, and bring justice to Palestinian victims of the latest assault on the Gaza Strip. Their message was clear and loud: “Enough is enough: Palestinians need justice, protection, freedom and dignity!”

Dutch academics condemn attacks on Gaza


Professors, teachers and staff of Dutch Universities, reply to the call of our academic colleagues in Gaza and condemn in the strongest terms Israel’s excessive and brutal violence against the population in Gaza. The attacks 'cannot be justified as ‘self-defence’ and instead concerns collective punishment of a civilian population, excessive force, and severe and ongoing violation of the most basic human rights of the people in Gaza.'thsu state the signatiories.

Israeli settlements explained


140702 Israeli settlements explained 160In the Occupied West Bank, half a million Israelis live in over a hundred settlements built on Palestinian land. The government of Israel says it has a right to build these settlements; the rest of the world disagrees. Follwing video explains why Israelis choose to live on occupied land, how they affect Palestinians, and why, despite international condemnation, the settlements continue to grow.

PHROC Joint Open Letter to the EU High Representative regarding Collective Punishment of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory during Operation Brothers’ Keeper


al-haq-logo-160.pngTwelve Palestinian human rights organisations ask that the EU take strong action against Israel's violations of international law in during 'Operation Brothers’ Keeper' in the West Bank. In a letter to Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative for Foreign Affairs to The European Union, they ask her to strongly condemn Israel's large-scale searches, closures, and raids across Palestine, followoing the disappearance of three settlers.

Women, Peace & Security from a Palestinian Perspective


nadera-salhoub-kevorkian-bookcover.jpgWhat kind of experiences with violence do women have in politically conflicted and militarized zones like East-Jerusalem? What ordeals do they face? How does the militarization of public and private space and the use of gendered bodies influence the lives of men and women? Dr. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian gave a insight in Women, Peace & Security from a Palestinian Perspective during the Palestine Link College Tour that took place in the first week of May 2014 at various universities in the Netherlands.

Legal experts present report on violations of children's rights by Israeli military



A new report by a Dutch multidisciplinary group of experts on the practice and impact of arrest, interrogation, detention and adjudication of Palestinian children by Israeli military authorities will be presented this Thursday 17 April at the foreign affairs committee in the Dutch parliament. The report is the outcome of a visit to Israel Palestine that was organized in November 2013 by gate48, platform for critical Israelis in the Netherlands and Palestine Link.


Download the English summary of the report 'Palestinian children and military detention' here.

Download the Hebrew summary here. And the summary in Arabic here.

Trigger Happy Israel's use of excessive force in the West Bank


bil-in2005-klein.jpgRecent years have seen a mounting toll of deaths and injuries of Palestinians as a result of shooting or other violence by Israeli soldiers outside the context of armed conflict, says Amnesty International in the report Trigger Happy Israel's use of excessive force in the West Bank.