Activate kik account

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Reactivating kik is way easier than you can think of. But how to get your kik back if you permanently deactivated it? Permanently deactivating is nothing but deleting your profile forever. If that is your case, Then there is no way for you to get your profile back. The only option activate kik account you users is to start fresh by creating a new kik profile. Do you want to delete permanently?

There is no option to reactivate kik from official site or pc. You need to to your kik on your mobile or ipad. For that you need your username and password. If you are able to to your profile, then you have successfully reactivated your kik profile. But, If you are unable to and facing the error like in the below pic. Then it means, your has been permanently deleted from the kik servers when you deactivated it. This is because you have chosen to delete the profile instead of temporarily deactivating the kik. There is no way to reactivate the kik in this case, Only way for the user is to to create a new kik and have a fresh start.

Can I at least use the same username again? When I peranmetly deleted my ? Is it possible Activate kik account can wait for few days then use same username name! This is something that needs to confirmed in a practical way. Though the logic is quite clear, But it takes days for kik to clear those usernames from the servers. Could you please share a screenshot of the error by ing it to imgur and posting the link here? In your screenshot when you try to to a permanently deactivated it says you were terminated for violating terms of service. Is that normal if you manually deactivated your own ?

Kik team must work on it and update the app, so that different error notifications should be showed to people who deactivated their profile and for those who violated the terms. Can I get my back if I permanently deactivated it? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Comments Can I at least use the same username again? Hello Sarah, This is something that needs to confirmed in a practical way. So there is a really good probability of getting the same user name again. Why this misleading error that the user violated the terms of service?

I recently got the same error code after checking to make sure my was deactivated. Yes it is normal at that time of screenshot. Yes Nick, you can. But it depends on whether you deactivated the or deleted it.

Activate kik account

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