Am i fuckable

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So sorry for misreading that I suppose? For future reference be more detailed in the next questions you ask here online because it is the only true way to receive the answers or suggestions that would be most helpful. I take care of myself. Great book, but it is lost on modern women who think just being cute is enough.

Yeah great, it sounds like you aren't making that clear. And again, we don't want that. The overwhelming majority of guys want sex up front. We aren't am i fuckable to "commit," whatever that means, to a girl we may not even be compatible with. But, thank you for sharing! A-snap25 yes thanks men true it don't represent most guys but some. If you actually read the additional information, you would know that I have never had any type of sex before. I understand that and I have.

It sounds like bullshit. Well, I don't know you but most men want to be providers, to have a family, it seems you value your 'independence more or would be am i fuckable for them. Speak to more men who are as successful or more so than you. Women marry up and men marry down. If you're more successful than most ladies, you're off-limits for most men. Well said! I can't upvote this enough. How often do pretty but mentally void women just sit at the dinner or coffee shop table and expect to be entertained by their date.

If you have nothing to add to a conversation men will quickly tire of you no matter how cute your are. KrakenAttackin Yeah I guess that's what happens when you're a good looking woman and you have most guys you meet kicking down your door. They seem to figure that if they don't feel that immediate spark with the guy they're talking to, another one will come along. Did you even begin to read the entire post? MrTaboo not everything is that simple. What is it about me that is making them not want to commit? Updates: 1 y For those who ask or are going to ask: 1.

I go to a bar or a party maybe once or twice a month.

Am i fuckable

Share Facebook. Why am I fuckable, but not dateable? Add Opinion. Dongtai opinions shared on Dating topic. Have a healthy body, wash regularly and take care of your hair. This is most girls. The average girl is fuckable. So many girls put all of their effort into being physically attractive and little to no effort into their character and personality.

Am i fuckable

It usually starts out emotionally and then physical affairs. Anyone with a decent body and nice clothing can get laid. But having that AND a sexy personality? Most people either have one or the other. I would sit down and write out a list of my attractive qualities besides looks am i fuckable I were you. Ask friends and exes if you have trouble. Then focus on showing those traits to guys you look. Focus on developing your charm and personality.

Xper 6. There are great dudes out there that have every quality you are looking for and that are seeking a secure relationship. You just overlook them or gravitate towards the losers. It is hardly any guys fault they are who they are. Their not smart enough to hide for long their true intentions. Make them work for it and the ones that checkout early are not the ones you want.

Am i fuckable

The ones still trying may not be other but you've certainly knocked down the curve. Luvs2liclit69 Xper 1. Date them first, get to know them. Have your own scale on how your percieve them. First date a peck on the check ask them to call you and say your goodnights.

If he calls back then he has more than sex as an agenda, the ones that dont call just want to fuck and leave. Dont feel by sleeping with them will turn into a relationship.

Am i fuckable

Dont give up what they want. Take it at your pace, you then can determine the true gents from the shallow tossers. If they take you for dinner and out for theto the pictures one evening send you flowers to your works.

Then they are chivalrous and treating a lady the way he thinks a lady deserves. He is honest from the heart and a person that has respect for you. If you fuck on first dates its usually the last. Lmao I had this whole thing typed but it didn't apply. Its just weeding out the ones who waste your time to find the right. You're surrounding yourself with the wrong people or you go after the wrong ones.

Am i fuckable

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why am I am i fuckable but not dateable? Why can't real girls be more like my waifu? Sort Girls First Guys First. You are dateable. Maybe you just aren't meeting guys interested in dating. Maybe you are looking for love in all the wrong places. You say you go to a bar or a party once or twice a month. Try meeting a different set of guys. Try salsa or swing dancing. There are lively groups of mostly young single people in many cities.

Do volunteer work that attracts men and women, something like Habitat for Humanity. meetups focused on outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, etc. Those are mostly men, and in my experience people who do something that takes effort tend to be nicer. a co-rec sports team, volleyball or kickball or softball. Not sure about other sports like soccer. Sonorous opinions shared on Dating topic. I think for the best answers, you'll have to look at the data you can gather yourself. And the reasons can be endless since people are very good at finding "flaws" within each other.

But if you have more insight though, I will give some input. What would you need to know? What you think is the most likely reason, and why you think it. Show All Show Less.

Am i fuckable

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