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On a cold and snowy morning in Colorado, I settled in at my kitchen table with a cup of tea and my phone propped for a FaceTime interview with Cheryl Kosmerl to talk about sexting. A series of spring snow storms led to our decision to finally just meet virtually. Kosmerl is a mother, a clinical social worker and child advocate.

With more than twenty years of experience working with children and adolescents, she created Sexting Solutions, a program deed to teach kids to respect themselves and others, show empathy and stop abuse. In the state of Colorado, this program is intended as an alternative to legal consequences for kids who were caught sexting which, according to the law, is the creation and sharing of child pornography. After counseling so many juvenile offenders and victims, Kosmerl was well prepared to create an education program for kids who find themselves entangled in sexting and the legal and emotional consequences that follow.

Sexting Solutions was the first program of its kind in the state. It focuses on building skills that develop a solid foundation for healthier adolescent years and relationships. Before Sexting Solutions, the Colorado judicial system struggled to appropriately address the issue among minors who were sending explicit messages. Technically speaking, exchanging, possessing, and posting any images or videos of a minor carries legal penalties as the material being exchanged is still considered child pornography.

A study published by JAMA Pediatrics in found that 1 in 4 teens are receiving sexually explicit texts and s and 1 in animated sexting children between the ages of eleven and seventeen report either forwarding or having a sext forwarded without their consent. Sexting has become commonplace among children with These statistics are likely much higher as they found a majority do not report their sexting activity.

What was surprising to me is that Kosmerl reports that she actually sees more middle school age kids for sexting issues than high schoolers. However, she has noted that animated sexting a culture, we place much of the focus on why girls respond with sexts. The boys have the girl they date, and the girl animated sexting sext. They have a competition of who can get pictures from her. As expected, the thought of that is angering to them, and they feel protective of their sisters.

Where sexting begins and ends is complicated and because of this, Kosmerl likes to teach separate female and male Sexting Solutions classes. Kosmerl states that we do need to teach girls to stand up for themselves, but argues that we have to stop putting all of the responsibility on the girls. Girls are being judged, especially by their own parents and meanwhile, they completely ignore the behavior of the boy asking for the sext. Every time I talk to a guy…at some point he wants a naked picture. The perpetrator may also threaten to harm your friends or relatives by using information they have obtained from your electronic devices unless you comply with their demands.

The real problem with sexting is that once the photo or video has been sent, control of that content is now gone and the receiver gains control over the sender. Kosmerl notes that the most vulnerable are the children and teens with a low self esteem who use social media as their social outlet. She explains. Abusers and traffickers tell them everything they want to hear, and then they start to pressure for pictures over time. Once the person sends the pictures, the power dynamic is absolutely switched because they now have something they can use against that person.

Abusers can go on an app, pretend to be a certain age, and once their target shares naked pictures, they start getting nasty and mean. She got in over her head and they talked her into doing things that were illegal on her part. It got really dangerous really quickly.

It starts online and then they rope the person into meeting them…and based on the amount of info you share online, they can come find you. Traffickers comb social media to see who is at risk. I have seen a case of sexting lead to human trafficking with the abuse all done completely online by the trafficker.

Kosmerl found that one connection between clients who have committed sexting offenses is that they have all watched porn. On average, kids are exposed to porn by age eleven. Without restrictions, the world of porn is open to them on their device.

Juvenile offenders are all exposed to the sexuality piece. One third of porn users are female. It is now common for young girls looking to porn for sex education and view it as animated sexting example of how they are supposed to behave sexually. Kosmerl says parents would be appalled at what she has to tell boys — not everyone wants to experience the kind of sex that is demonstrated on porn. Furthermore, because some porn is now animated, kids are watching unrealistic illustrations of sex, without mention of mutual consent or relationship.

Kids can google their questions, and websites like PornHub will answer. Typically, boys use their influence or power to get girls to do what they want. Change in mood, motivation, hiding, dishonesty, bruises, being secretive, not talking as much, not spending as much time with family. A lot of behaviors are normalized as healthy which are not. Kosmerl recommends talking about what healthy relationships look likeand meeting the person your child is spending time with to observe if the relationship is healthy.

She suggests. Have the person they are dating around the house. Meet the parents of the person your child is dating. But it should be that way always, from the beginning, in general. It can be hard when parents work, or in the case of single parents. But try to do family stuff together where they can be invited.

If you catch your child sexting, how you handle it is so important. Sexting is a red flag that some kids are starting to address their sexual development in an unhealthy way. Kids are inundated with sexual messages these days. They need to be taught about good touch, bad touch, and secret touch.

If you find your son or daughter has been sextingthis is an opportunity to talk to and teach your. Restrictions on technology are overlooked. Parents really need to be cautious about what apps have chat features, including apps for memes and videos. Use the limits that are already in place. Respect and even investigate the age ratings for apps.

Find out what is on the app, and what capabilities it has. I love Common Sense Media — they rate everything, even Youtube channels. Use it to review everything your kid wants to download. They do the research on this stuff to tell you what to be concerned about. Why do kids animated sexting access to the world 24 hours a day? Parents have to be role models.

Your kids are watching what you do. We have to look at technology completely differently. We need to teach our kids to abide by the rules for their own safety. Fifteen years ago we were not walking around with computers in our pockets. There should be limits and structure to using them. The World Health Organization recommends that children should not be offered screen time before the age of two. As a culture we have not animated sexting up to how dangerous these devices can be.

As we closed our conversation on that snowy day, we discussed how many kids are desensitized to sex and sexualized banter by the time they are teens. Unrestricted access to everything online is the culprit. She was adamant about a few specific platforms, too:. Almost nothing positive is happening on SnapChat. Inside the Snapchat server is child porn. TikTok is huge for human trafficking. And super alarming and starting to evolve is that kids can make money online on platforms such as Sugar Daddy. You set up a PayPal online and you perform sex acts for people over Skype and video chat.

Your kids see how you act online. Cheryl Kosmerl has 20 years of professional experience in the social work field. This includes extensive, specialized history working with children, adolescents, and their families who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma. She has worked for over fourteen years with children who have committed sexual offenses in a private therapy practice, running groups, and individual therapy.

Seven years ago, Kosmerl created a sexting specific curriculum called Sexting Solutions based on research and best practices at the request of the Colorado 1st Judicial District Attorney Office. This program was the first of its kind in the state and more than students have successfully completed the program. Kosmerl provides proactive presentations for parents and youth in the Denver area as a supportive and preventative strategy.

One of the goals of these presentations is to prevent youth from committing sex-related crimes. She also provides specialized education to equip adults and adolescents with information regarding laws related to sexting, sexual behavior, healthy and unhealthy relationships, setting appropriate boundaries, peer support tools, and internet safety and security. Coming soon: SextingSolutions. Cybersex Trafficking: Grooming and Exploitation Online. Celebrate 9 years with us by finding and freeing more girls and boys! Give now. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Close Search. Human Trafficking Education Resources U.

Sexting [seks-ting] noun Digital Technology. So why are kids sexting? Boys are sex trafficked. Boys are catfished. Pornography is usually a gateway to sexting Kosmerl found that one connection between clients who have committed sexting offenses is that they have all watched porn. She suggests, Have the person they are dating around the house. How should a parent handle a situation where they discover their child has been involved in sexting? Late-night tends to be more dangerous.

Sexting and abuse often take place at night. Kosmerl further explained, We have to look at technology completely differently. She was adamant about a few specific platforms, too: Almost nothing positive is happening on SnapChat. Animated sexting Kunstle. Trafficking Forced Labor in the United States.

Micah Hartmann July 6, Mary Nikkel June 29, Share Tweet Share Pin. Take Action. Animated sexting s that your animated sexting might be experiencing online exploitation or sextortion: 1 Abandoning interest in doing things they usually love to do.

We love this shareable video from Thorn that destigmatizes sexting and encourages conversation about sextortion: Stop Sextortion.

Animated sexting

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Kids Sexting: Child Porn, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking