Armpit fetish

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Posted October 16, Reviewed by Devon Frye. Without a doubt, the most frequent question I receive is: Is this normal? A fetish is a sexual desire or fixation toward an object or specific, non-genital body part. Fetishes can involve an endless list—from shoes, leather, buildings, water, or pencils to elbows, armpits, and feet. In many cases, a sexual encounter must include the fetishized object, in one form or another, in order for the individual to fully experience pleasure. Fetishes are differentiated from kinks with kinks being defined as a sexual taste or arousal for something that lies outside of normative sexual behaviors or desires.

Therefore, given these definitions, a fetish is always a kinkbut a kink is not always a fetish. The inability to incorporate a kink into a sexual experience does not necessarily minimize or negate the ability to experience pleasure or have a satisfactory sexual experience. Just looking at fetishes: What are the limits to what can be fetishized? There are none. The question here becomes whether or not a particular fetish is normal.

Again, I tend to answer yes. While an armpit fetish armpit fetish may not find inclusion in mainstream socio-sexual normativity, a person with an armpit fetish is far from the only one of their kind. If someone else is involved, such as a partner, is the sexual behavior extending from the particular desire consensual? Is the sexual predilection armpit fetish to the point that it interferes with the daily functioning of your life?

Stigma, according to Goffmanarmpit fetish an attribute that is deeply discrediting to a person. The answer is most often yes, although it may not be widely accepted as an object or behavior associated with arousal. But, what is important is that the conversation does not stop with that affirmative response. Goffman, Erving. Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity. Hughes, Sam D. Plummer, Kenneth. Sexual Stigma: An Interactionist. David W. Wahl, Ph. His work focuses on issues related to sexual desire and behavior, shaming and stigmatization, sex and gender, sexual violence, sex work, and human trafficking.

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Armpit fetish

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"Yes, I do have an extreme armpit fetish."