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The important book is the first longitudinal study of the development of male homosexual behavior from early childhood to young adulthood. Zucker, Contemporary Psychology. Green should be congratulated on his excellent and sustained effort.

Wells, M. A new standard of erudition and humility is before us. Levine, American Journal of Psychiatry. Green makes a very important and unique contribution by his prospective and empirical study of highly effeminate boys and their parents from early childhood to young adulthood. What has been largely speculation about the role of parents is now buttressed by empirical fact. The study is an heroic and pioneering undertaking. Try logging in through your institution for access. Log in to your personal or through your institution.

Then a neighbor woman and her daughter moved in with dolls and all that shit. But it seemed I was very uptight about it. This is a fifteen-year study of two behaviorally different groups of young boys growing up to be two behaviorally different groups of young men. They preferred Barbie dolls to trucks. Their playmates were girls. Do boy and girl infants behave differently? Do mothers and fathers treat boy and girl infants differently?

To what exent does the infant condition the parent and the parent the infant? Which comes first? When I wrote Sexual Identity Conflict in Children and Adults inmy retrieval of research papers on the emergence of sex differences was far less comprehensive than in Inthe citations in one article led me to others, which in turn led along a chain of further referrals. The process was terribly time consuming and terribly incomplete. Today, computerized retrieval systems rapidly flush Mothers bear a paradoxical burden.

But unlike fathers, their involvement and investment with sons must be only temperate. It must be finely tuned to provide the son with security and emotional warmth. There must be just enough of mother to round off the hard edges carved by father; she must not smother, stifle, or feminize.

Boys bear a distinct burden from their mothers. Three-fourths of them are homosexual or bisexual. The sexual orientation of these men is summarized be a sissy boy three ways. The first is sexual fantasy. Each person described fantasies that excite during masturbation. This chapter contains interviews with boys from both groups of families and descriptions of their behavior given by parents. My purpose here is to flesh out the skeleton of statistical analysis with human experience. Some readers will welcome the opportunity to listen to the words of people as they evolve a sexual identity; others will find it tedious.

Still others will relish reading my interviews with the confidence that comes from knowing that they could have done better. Robert Stoller instilled in me the conviction that interviews are the raw materials from which we weave the tapestry of clinical psychiatric Some clinicians and researchers reduce people be a sissy boy factors derived from complex psychological tests.

For them psychometric instruments provide the texture and color of human personality. Less exuberant supporters of psychological testing see it as providing a picture that is complementary to that obtained by clinical interviewing. A merit of the interview is its tailormade suiting to the unique fabric of the individual's experiences. This study is replete with clinical interviewing.

It would To treat or not to treat? Considerable controversy has surrounded the diagnosis and treatment of extensive cross-gender behavior in children. Later planks are cross-gender behaviors, such as crossdressing. Twins tempt. They lure the researcher to speculate, usually beyond the limits of data. They flirt with relative impunity, because they are ideal research subjects for those who remain hell-bent on distinguishing the impacts of nature and nurture.

But the very fact of twinning—by the nature of its rarity—frustrates. The samples are too small. Only one in eighty-seven births is a twin. And the problems do not stop with rarity. Most twins are reared together in the same household, so that behavioral similarities may be explainable by similar environments Supply far outstrips demand with theories of homosexuality. So why offer more? Most theories of homosexuality are written by heterosexual clinicians, attempting to construct coherence from the loose associations of patients.

Others emanate from armchair theoreticians whose hands remain unsullied by patient contact. Is it inborn or learned? chapters provided the rationale, methodology, and findings for this fifteen-year study of male sexual identity development. They recounted the autobiographies of males evolving from divergent boyhoods to diverse manhoods. They focused on relationships with parents. They examined attempts to divert some males from experiencing sexual identity conflict. Here, I offer some speculations, in an effort to complete this psychosexual odyssey. The whole thing is looking very murky to me now.

Women historically have been damaged a lot by the kinds of things that role-playing has done, but that also makes me take a look at Published by: Yale University Press. Search for reviews of this book. Cite this Item Copy Citation. Export Citation Export to NoodleTools. Export to RefWorks. Export to EasyBib. Export a Text file For BibTex. Note: Always review your references and make any necessary corrections before using. Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates.

The Sissy Boy Syndrome. Book Description: The important book is the first longitudinal study of the development of male homosexual behavior from early childhood to young adulthood. Zucker, Contemporary Psychology "The author writes cogently, and, in some places, with a pithy style.

Levine, American Journal of Be a sissy boy "Dr. Table of Contents You are viewing the table of contents. Front Matter. Table of Contents. Processing your request

Be a sissy boy

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