Becoming a cuckold

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I too have been fantasizing about watching my wife with another guy or guys for several years. While she initially was not very enthusiastic about the idea, she discovered that discussing past experiences with her boyfriends really turned me on during sex. She began to explore the idea, at least while we were in bed, of what it would be like to be pleasured and desired by another man — especially a younger, more fit "stud".

At times she would call me by the name of one of her lovers to bring me off but mostly she simply described how she would suck and fuck another guy. The latest twist to her fantasize was having me lick her pussy, chest or face after her "guy" cums. I have tried to encourage her over the last few years to actually consider fooling around with another guy. This is something I always had mixed feelings about when I'm horny it seems like a great idea and when I'm not it seems crazy.

I provide her with lots of oral attention and stimulate her G spot with my finger, asking her to imagine I'm licking her while she's being fucked by a stranger — this always in strong orgasms. She also loves grinding down on me, riding my cock to orgasm. A few months ago I started grabbing her ass and rubbing her bud, telling her I was licking her ass while she rode some young stud and this became a favorite fantasy of hers for awhile. Each year I have encouraged her more to flirt and "explore" and a few times she has gone out on her own when we've been on vacation.

Nothing had ever happened, until our last vacation when my fantasy became reality. As a young family we do not have much private time together, so vacations are always sexually charged weeks — after the kids hit the sack there's not much to do but fool around. Sun and alcohol are absolutely wonderful for our libido! During the planning stages of this vacation I tried to research some local bars or nightclubs that I might be able to encourage her to visit -- on her own -- during our trip.

We picked a nice campground in a relatively remote area, so there really wasn't much around and I resided myself to forget about spicing things up that way this time around. The weather was great and we had lots of fun. During our stay we learned of a couple of wineries in the area and we made sure to visit them. At the last place we stopped, they had a quaint restaurant and bar overlooking the lake — it was really picturesque and we consumed more wine then we should have.

Later that night, after the kids were tucked in, we opened a bottle of wine bought earlier that day and polished it off. She was definitely feeling good and was getting horny — as was I. A one point she remarked that we should have bought more wine while we were there. That's when the lightbulb went off in my head! I reminded her that their bar would still be open and encouraged her to go out and have some "fun" — and she could bring back some more wine too!

She picked-up on the "fun" aspect of my offer and said "maybe I'll meet some young stud and bring back more than wine". We kissed and started rubbing each other and we both became pretty worked up. That's when I told her that I wanted her to go out and have a good time. She looked at me, smiled, felt my hard dick and said "okay, but I'll have to freshen-up. A little while later she came out dressed in a skirt and silky blouse, sporting sexy spike heeled sandals and a fresh coat of dark red lipstick.

Was all I could think. I went o kiss her, but she put her hand out and said "I don't want to smudge my lipstick She was really looking hot, her diamond earrings and ankle bracelet were the finishing touch. I asked her if she was going to leave her wedding and engagement rings here and she said "no, I'll leave them on. If someone asks, I'll just tell them my husband likes me to go out and have fun. And like that, she was out the door. She was gone for almost 3 hours and I was climbing the walls. What was she doing, I wish I could see or know what was happening — how would this affect our relationship Then I heard a car door slam — she was back!

I greeted her at the door — she was definitely tipsy and Becoming a cuckold could smell alcohol. I asked her how her night was, she smiled and kissed me deep. When we came-up for air she asked "could you taste him? I couldn't perceive any special taste, but that didn't stop me from trying as I grabbed her and kissed her long and deep. I was hard as a rock and she was rubbing against me. She told me that she met a really "hot guy" at the bar and hit becoming a cuckold off with him.

At one point he noticed her rings and asked her about them — from there on it was smooth coasting. They had chatted, flirted, touched and even danced a slow dance prior to making out on the patio overlooking the lake. She said that they went down to the lake to walk around on the shore, but it wasn't long before they were at each other.

She got to work pretty quick, on her knees, in the sand, sucking his hard knob. She said that he didn't last too long but squirted a lot of cum — much more than I ever produce — but added that she "swallowed it all". Then the bombshell — she invited him over to our cabin for a nightcap! One more kiss and off to the bathroom she went to freshen-up. Becoming a cuckold wasn't sure what to do. She came back dressed in a skimpy nighty, grabbed a bottle of wine and headed for the front porch to wait for her new boytoy. I sat inside and watched through the window shaking with excitement.

It wasn't long before a pick-up truck pulled up and this tall Italian looking fellow exited from the truck. He was a little over six feet tall and solid looking. His cut-offs and tank top shirt revealed just how buff he was — no wonder why my wife was swept off her feet. He came right over to her and they kissed — for a long time. I saw their hands roaming around, her's on his crotch and his up her negligee.

My wife is only 5'6", so she was on the tips of her toes straining to reach his mouth, almost feeding on his tongue. She was very worked-up and I could see the bulge in his shorts. Almost with a slight of hand trick, my wife used one hand to undo his button and fly while the other was behind his neck, pulling his face to hers. His shorts dropped to the ground and his dick was popping out the top of his boxers.

It didn't look much longer than mine, but it certainly looked thicker, much thicker. My wife nuzzled his neck and then slowly worked her way down his chest with little nibbling kisses, pausing for a few moments at his nipples — her hand becoming a cuckold left that cock. I had an excellent view, there they were, not 10 feet away on the porch with the full moon providing enough light to see what was going on.

They were sideways to me, so I could see their profiles well. I'll never forget how she paused, cleared the hair from her face, looking towards me, and planted a sloppy wet kiss on his cockhead. She kissed him right down to his balls, with little tongue and sucking kisses back up his shaft before sucking the head into her mouth.

She was moaning on his cock, both hands grabbing his ass as if his thrusts weren't feeding her fast enough. She could only take the first few inches, but he was in heaven. As she'd back-off his tip I could see her tongue swirl out under his head, before engulfing it again in a futile effort to swallow his cock. After a few minutes of this, she pulled her head away, looking up at him and said "I need you in me I backed away from the window, thinking they were coming inside and I didn't know what to do — hide? Say Hi? So I ducked into our bathroom.

A few minutes went by and nothing, so I snuck back out. They were right on the porch and she was riding him for all she was worth. Her backside was toward me, so all I could see was her hair flinging around as she hunched over his thick cock, grinding her pussy as tight as possible against him on each down stroke.

His cock was so thick that her pussy lips stretched downwards as she rose off his cock before plunging downward again. I could see his shaft glistening and she was biting her lip and emitting little moaning noises.

He was sucking and kissing her nipples — later I'd see all the hickeys left around her nipples and neck area. His hands were on her ass, grabbing each cheek pulling her downwards becoming a cuckold each upwards thrust.

I was stoking myself and ready to explode, this was much hotter than any movie I ever saw. I just had to get closer to the action, so I slipped outside, but wasn't unnoticed. He paused and looked at me, my wife said "Isn't his cock huge honey, It feels soooo good inside me" and she started pumping again. I kneeled down by her, she looked up and we kissed. He returned to pumping her again, with his head at her tits and hands pulling her to him. I sat back and watched, cock in hand. Then my wife said "You want to lick my ass honey?

That would feel soooo good I hesitated for a moment, but not for long. Laying down on my stomach behind her and in-between his legs, her ass was totally exposed as he was still grabbing her ass. The smell of their sex, the squishy noise of their coupling and her moans pushed me over the edge.

I was pumping my cock into my hand as I lay on the floor, as I craned my neck becoming a cuckold tried with all my might to shove my tongue in her ass. She went nuts. She would grind forward on him and backwards onto my tongue.

His thrusts would becoming a cuckold her away from my probing mouth until she thrust downward again. After a minute of this I came and sat back.

Becoming a cuckold

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