Becoming a financial dominant

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Like many of you, I researched this topic a lot when I first becoming a financial dominant the world of findom. I researched this weird niche for weeks to learn what it actually entailed. And to this day, I still have a hard time believing that such a fetish and such a world actually exists! If you want to become a financial domme and make money online dominating men, then this step by step guide is perfect for you.

Findom is actually a small subset of the world of female domination femdom. Basically, guys loved to be bossed around and controlled by women. Anyways, financial domination is becoming a financial dominant way many ladies make money online. In fact, it actually takes a lot of hard work. However, for the ladies who put in the time and effort, being an online domme can be a rewarding career. The blueprint for making money as a financial domme is actually pretty simple. But the execution of this plan is the hard part. Findom is all about branding!

Submissive men know exactly what they want when it comes to a domme. They want someone successful, confident, independent, and dominant. Beauty does come into it, but beauty is very subjective. The top two social media platforms dommes use are Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is a great way to build your following and make announcements to your subs. The one way to destroy your brand is to be desperate.

Paypigs can sense desperation from a mile away. They want someone who is genuine. They want someone who is dominant and loves what they do. There are a ton of ways for a domme to build great content that slaves will want to pay for. Creating good content also means having social media profiles that subs enjoy. This means posting regularly.

A lot of new dommes are always wondering how they can find more paying subs. I have even seen some ladies pay for paid retweets from twitter pigs. However, that rarely works. If you consistently create great content, slaves will come running to you. All subs should be paying for your time. What I mean is you should be focused on ways to have a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with your sub. This means treating each other with respect and trust.

This means pushing boundaries, but not outright violating them. It also means trusting each other. Dom and sub relationships are built on trust. Take everything seriously and everything else will fall into please. Also, there are a lot of sleezy people in the industry both on the sub side and the domme side.

As a result, building a good reputation for yourself is critical for success. Findom is an incredible way for women to become entrepreneurs and become financially independent. It requires a lot of hard work. If you follow these three steps, you will be able to make a ton of money in this business. The one thing to keep in mind is never give up.

Becoming a financial dominant

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How To Become A Financial Dominatrix And Make $,+ Online