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Opinion is often divided when it comes to feet and some people think they're abhorrent, while others find them deeply alluring. You can of course simply enjoy shopping for fancy footwear and indulging in the odd toe job every once in a while too. But for a few die-hard foot fans their interest in all things south of the ankle goes beyond sartorial interest or light foreplay and steps firmly into the fetish category. So what makes your passion for feet a full blown fetish and what's the best way to fine tune your foot worshipping skills? Whether you're part of the kink, fetish and BDSM community or you simply enjoy shopping for nice shoes and indulging in occasional foreplay, it's likely you've heard of foot fetishes.

Feet play an important role in even the most vanilla sex games and most of you will have had your toes sucked or done some light sucking at some point in your life. But what takes foot love to the next level and why do people worship them? Foot fetishism, also known as podophilia, is characterised by a sexual interest in feet, and being seriously turned on by toes, ankles and feet.

Like all good fetishes, foot worship comes with its fair share of spin-offs including funky smell appreciation, fancy dress and sensation play. Feet are so popular, you can now purchase a Vajanklewhich is essentially a silicone best foot worship with a vagina-shaped hole inside deed best foot worship serious foot fetishists in mind.

If you find feet alluring, you're not alone. It is also the most common form of sexual fetishism for what are traditionally considered non-sexual objects or body parts, says Knight. But it is believed that a lot more people enjoy feet in a sexual way than feel safe to admit. There are many reasons why best foot worship might have a sexual interest in feet or footwear, or indeed enjoy being on the reciprocal end of foot worship. The most common reasons for foot adoration include the following:. Psychologist Sigmund Freud famously believed that people sexualise feet because they resemble penises.

A more recent scientific theory comes from the neuroscientist Vilanayar Ramachandranwho believes the brain areas associated with genitalia and feet are adjacent to each other and foot fetishes stem from cross-wiring. Another theory is known as Cinderella syndrome, a psychological condition in which a woman fears independence and secretly hankers after a knight in shining armour to rescue her.

The fairytale character's perfect, small foot fitting into the glass slipper plays into this submissive fantasy. You don't have to be particularly kinky to appreciate the allure of fancy dress. From a passion for stockings and suspenders to perfectly painted toes in towering high heels, feet often play an integral role in dressing up and cliched notions of what constitutes a 'sexy' look.

Opinion is often divided and some people adore feet, while others find anything to do with the area utterly abhorrent. Let's be honest, well kept feet can be quite lovely but thanks to smellpoor hygiene and wayward toenails, feet can also be pretty grim, and this dichotomy adds to the allure. Foot worship has an important role in BDSMas submission and domination is all about power play and feet can be useful tools for establishing who's boss. As with all fetishes, how you choose to act on your desires differs from person to person and what makes one fetishist tick might not work for another.

From adornments to odour enjoyment, what you do to explore your foot fetish will also depend on which senses play into your arousal:. Given the dramatic impact a good pair of heels can have, it should come as no surprise that footwear and other leg-based accessories play a big part in foot fetishisation. And this kind of sex is easily moved out of the bedroom. For odour enthusiasts, foot fetishism can extend to olfactophilia, which means they are turned on specifically by the aroma. Many foot lovers simply enjoy the pleasure of washing, stroking, and sucking feet. They also love sniffing, licking, and putting feet on their face, best foot worship these can all be included under the foot worship umbrella,' she adds.

Pain often comes with a rush of endorphins and can be an integral aspect of BDSMso some foot lovers extend their feet and shoe fetish to exploring different sensations. This can be as straightforward as asking your lover to walk on you while wearing heels, to using shoes to administer pain. In any healthy relationship or sexual partnership, being able to communicate openly and honestly about your fantasies without fear of judgement is essential. Our sexuality and desires are ever changing, so these conversations should be happening regularly, too.

If you are harbouring secret fantasies about experimenting with foot worship and you're not given the space to express these desires, it could have a negative impact on your relationship, and also your sense of self. Initiating a conversation about sex may feel daunting, but if your relationship is built on trust and intimacy, you should be able to discuss sexual fantasies and desires with your partner. For help pursuing your podophilia passion and to connect with likeminded feet enthusiasts, try the following:. Parenting Mental health Healthy eating Conditions Follow.

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Best foot worship

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