Best nudes of 2018

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What was without celebrity nude photo shoots? Some of these photoshoots are for magazine covers. Others are for beauty campaigns. But each of these photoshoots has something special to make this year-end list. The reality star, who appeared on the cover of the magazine for its December and January issues, smoldered in a nude picture of her looking backward while covering her breast.

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian kourtneykardash. Jenner is known for showing her nipples on the red carpet, but the model went completely nude for a photo shoot with photographer Sasha Samsonova in February. The black-and-white pictures featured the reality star in a garden with her hands and legs strategically placed to cover any privates. A post shared by Kendall kendalljenner.

Kim modeled her KKW Body bottle after her nude body, so of course she used her nude photos to promote the product. In April, fans were surprised with several nude photos of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. The black-and-white pictures featured the singers sitting side by side with words like ugly and slutty painted on their bodies. The message of the video was body positivity and self-love, with Little Mix explaining that the purpose of the writing on their bodies was to reclaim the insults that have been used against them.

A post shared by Little Mix littlemix. A post shared by Lady Gaga ladygaga. Lady Gaga showed off her body tattoo in a nude photo in August. The picture, shot by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz, featured the singer topless her nipples were blurred with sheer pantyhose over her bottom half. A post shared by British Vogue britishvogue. A post shared by Jenna Dewan jennadewan. The model appeared in the magazine with words such as woman and love transforms painted on her body. It took intense self-reflection which can be challenging but I knew if I could be completely candid then more women might realize we are much more alike than we think.

We struggle in so many of the same ways. We are all so beautiful when we have the courage to make ourselves vulnerable and real- — And we should never be ashamed! A post shared by Olivia Culpo oliviaculpo. Baldwin went nude for a black-and-white photo shoot with photographer Tyler Kandel in September. The pictures feature the model in a shallow lake, with her tattoos showing and an X drawn over her nipples.

For Fashion Nova, Azalea went completely nude in June—with the exception of some nude heels and pink socks. The nude pictures include shots of the singer and her hubby naked in bed, best nudes of 2018 well as a photo of her looking out into the distance with no clothes on. One photo showed the singer covered in bubbles, while the other best nudes of 2018 her arching her back against the rim of the tub, with her hands covering her breasts. A post shared by Christina Aguilera xtina. A bath and pizza?

Lakshmi took to Instagram in May with a nude photo shoot of her hanging out in a bath with a box of pepperoni pizza. In her Instagram caption, Lakshmi revealed that the pictures were inspired by artist Lee Price. A post shared by Padma Lakshmi padmalakshmi. Raisman made a statement with her nude photo shoot for Sports Illustrated in February. The picture featured the gymnast with the words Women do not have to be modest to be respected written down her body. Women can be intelligent, fierce, sexy, powerful, strong, advocate for change while wearing what makes them feel best.

A post shared by Alexandra Raisman alyraisman. Anyone who re the Daily Mail knows that Ora is no stranger to being nude. The singer posed for a naked photo shoot for Clash magazine in October. The pictures featured the Ora sitting down completely naked, with nothing covering her body except some elbow-length gloves.

Chyna also is no stranger to showing off her body. The reality star went nude for a photo shoot in June. The pictures featured the Lash Bar owner naked in a pool, with her body strategically placed to hide her privates. Following in the steps of Kim Kardashian, Thorne used her body to promote her new makeup brand, Thorne by Bella.

In one picture, the actor can be seen naked with nothing but some cream covering her body. Ratajkowski is no stranger to posing nude, whether on Instagram or for magazines. The model dropped trou in February for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair Spain, which saw her lounging in a house with no clothes on. A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski emrata. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

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Best nudes of 2018

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