Bestiality roleplay

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Bestiality roleplay

Log in Register. What's new. Latest activity. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Fx Male! Romance-long term. Feral fun. Hello there! I'm an active and experienced roleplayer, welcome to my thread. As the title says, I play on Discord, and only on Discord.

I can post at least bestiality roleplay every day or every other day, my post length is usually between or more paragraphs, and I'm looking for someone who is also Mx Male Floof's naughty corner Creatures, Animals, Taboo and more H bestiality roleplay w d y I'd like to do a couple of roleplays with a bunch of monsters and beasts!

If you're interested, please continue reading! I'm going to list a couple of possible plots and a few of my roleplay rules, together with my F-list to check out what kinks i'm into and whatnot. My kinks have definitely wavered and changed over the years but I think I have finally settled on a few major ones.

As for posting length, I am leaning towards a few sentences to Jasmine T Thread Jun 17, ageplay bestiality drinking dub-con gangbang humiliation hypnosis smut taboo watersports Replies: 2 Forum: Roleplay Requests by Females. Jayde Urufu - 16 As the tittle implies.

I am looking for someone, anyone who would like to be creative enough to play slightly unusual female characters. Mx Female I'd like to have a word with you about a Beast So, I have this And he's not like most guys. He's not some dweeb or anything. He just does him. But he's a bit of a recluse Shit, he's a giant spider, ok!???

Like that thing in The Lord of The Rings, only male. And not Tarantula Man Thread Dec 18, beast bestiality breeding cross-species impregnation forced human x monster light bdsm male domination non con spider Replies: 3 Forum: Roleplay Requests by Males.

Always Looking. There's an underground group that believe that women are destined to be beneath beasts. They're not sexist despite the sound of it, but what they truely believe. They have posted an online forum that is hidden away.

Bestiality roleplay

Only those who are members or seek to are aware. They welcome all Non-con, bestiality, monsters! Simple and straightforward! Fx Male The Pony-girl Hero. Working out the bugs on a new storyline, Its rough so bare with me. It would be something like some young heroine who was already established as a hero. She Visits a small village and ends up hastily borrowing a horse, The only work-horse of the small village and goes to ride off Other than that I am very flexible and can't wait to hear all your wicked desires, see if we make a good match.

If so and you enjoy playing the role of a narrator, then please take a little look at the below and if it sounds like something you'd enjoy, well I'd just love to hear from you! A desperate world A dying Snowy Thread Feb 5, aliens bdsm bestiality female female submissive fxm gangrape long term rape torture Replies: 3 Forum: Roleplay Requests by Females. I am looking for help with my experiments. I ask that you're young and fit, bestiality roleplay be willing to dress in provocative clothes or be nude.

This is involving sexual intercourse. Room and food expenses covered on top of wages. NBx Female Will you help me with my snake? A woman posts an ad to find some women who are willing to help her with her pet snake, unaware of her true intentions of making her a bestiality roleplay slave for her other "snake". Kinks I Blazorna Thread Jun 29, bestiality female harem futa futa x female soft vore Replies: 22 Forum: Roleplay Requests by non-Binaries.

A Beast's Takeover Blazorna and Achillea-mura Running through the park in the dead of night was what one would assume to be a very large dog. It stopped running to sniff the air, trying to find a certain scent. In the darkness, it blended in poorly lit areas with the black fur it was covered with.

The golden eyes would reflect any Fx Female Woof,woof, bestiality in demand!

Bestiality roleplay

Any one interested in trying out a bestiality plot, specifically with a dog? Fx Male. The link to the character creation is below. Rules and other things will be located Below. Story Pokemon and Humans have always lived together for as long as they could remember, but no-one knows very much about them BenthicDreamer Thread Jun 3, bestiality blackmail coercion control corruption domination forced incest forced lesbian lost innocence older woman x younger woman Replies: 5 Forum: Roleplay Requests by Females.

I am Winter, as you can probably see from my username, and tonight I'm looking for some fun RP to pass the time! I will come out and say it now so that there is no confusion. I am not female IRL. This has absolutely zero impact on my ability to write female characters, but I know that Iam sure by now a great many of the lurkers of the forum know my name or have at least seen my posts here or even browsed my website, and for those who haven't well.

Your in for a treat! I shall open with saying i have no limits save for scat. Thats right, Inflation, vore, snuff, rape Zoophilian Thread Aug 28, badend bestiality bondage mxf mxm non-con objectification transformation trap Replies: 5 Forum: Roleplay Requests by Females. My name is Rosina. What am I looking for? I am looking for someone to play as the narrator GM in an adventure style rp where MC my character faces a variety of beasts, monsters or people that try to rape, coerce, or seduce her.

In this world human females or just MC Rosina Bestiality roleplay Jan 24, bestiality roleplay bestiality dungeon master game master impregnation narrator non-con rape slow burn watersports Replies: 39 Forum: Roleplay Requests by Females. Top Bottom.

Bestiality roleplay

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Training the mom and his bitch to obey during roleplay