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Post Reply. Bi Cuckolds I am a Cuckold and have no interest Re: Bi Cuckold Poll Quote Unread post by softbone » Sat Feb 21, am After giving a guy's cock a good sucking I think I'd prefer not to swallow but rather finish him off by hand, that way I get a live cum shot show, possibly on my face. I think age plays a role in the thinking. When we were much younger neither of us had an interest. As we got older, I got to where I thought it would be fun to get him to do it. He was reluctant in the beginning but did it as an act of submission to me. Now he does it because he likes it.

My wife and I are finally into the lifestyle. Last Week was our first encounter with our black bull. He is very well hung, very thick. As for the poll, answered bi. I love sucking cock and have since I was Wife is getting used to the idea and knows about my past experiences. Since eating other guys cum from her pussy, it has become easy for me to imagine getting it direct from the source. I now consider myself bi, though I was not before she became a hotwife.

It started off bi cuckold forum hubby cleaning me up after bf, then I encouraged him to suck my bf's cock and now he does it very willingly. He accepts that he is probably bi, but he still doesn't view other men any different than he ever has. My bf is the only guy he views sexually. My wife bi cuckold forum says she wouldn't like if I did oral on her lover. However, I was able to clean his cum inside and on her once, and a couple times she kissed me just after he came in her mouth, so who knows? I don't know if there will be any development, we are in a very long stop now one year.

I hope she will be willing to find another lover, or to meet her lover again. I do see some men and imagine them fucking Buffy. As my cuckold fetish has evolved, I have become more and more interested in the bisexual aspects of it. Reading stories about bisexual cuckold activities was, I think, what raised the interest level. Buffy fucked an old friend of mine several times.

Once during a threesome he was taking her doggy style, and I got under her to lick her while he was fucking her. This gave me the opportunity to "inadvertently" lick the underside of his cock. This was a first for me, and a bucket list thing. Once his cock came out, and I grabbed it to put it back inside Buffy's pussy. Putting a guy's dick in her pussy was another bucket list thing. Last year on an out-of-town trip, we brought a guy up to our hotel room and he fucked Buffy.

This was my first time to suck another guy for a sustained period. Buffy was sucking him, and I stepped in to help for awhile. Later, after they fucked, I went down to clean Buffy's pussy. The bull was standing by the bed facing me. I don't know if that was an "invitation", but I took the opportunity to suck and lick his cock and balls clean. Buffy and Rogo. Together since She had many lovers before we met. Contact Nauti Rogue. Yahoo Messenger. We're a bi, married couple into hotwifing and swinging. I love watching my wife fuck and be fucked. There's no humiliation involved.

She fucks other men with my full and enthusiastic support and encouragement. I completely get off on it. And after he's unloaded deep in her cunt, I don't need to be forced to suck his cock clean before I lick and tongue her clit clean and bring her to another orgasm. Then it's my turn to slide my cock into my wife's slippery pussy for sloppy seconds and to reclaim her.

My wife and I both play bi, and I agree with AZPainter that most guys are open to some degree of bi play, regardless of what their swinger profiles say. Swing-Bi and check it out! His cock looked so good fucking her. Her reaction was so awesome. He overwhelmed her. Later he seduced me too. For a bi cuckold forum there we were both his. Read my Bio: "Brad. He and I when into his bedroom, got naked and got on the bed he fucks my wife on and I started to suck him. After about 15 minutes he started fucking my mouth until he blew his load in my mouth.

Yes, I swallowed all of his cum. We got dressed and as I was headed out the door, he said, "next time in your ass. I debuted on telling HW but finally I told her, she just laughed and ask me if I enjoyed it.

What could I say, but yes I did. This is not make me bi, just wanted to experience what my wife enjoys when she does this with her FB. Does not mean I go our cruising. Yes, one of these times I will let him fuck me in the ass, we have a list of things we want to do before its too late in life to experience as we are getting long in the tooth. Re: Bi Cuckold Poll Quote Unread post by rachel66 » Fri Apr 08, am My husband never showed any interest in sharing my bulls until a couple of years ago.

He insisted that he was straight but after we got into cuckolding, he cleans me and fluffs my bulls. I had been telling him that I'd love to see him fluff. I sometimes wonder if there's some things in his past that he never told me. Share how they voted. As I pointed out in another thread though, I live in a town that it's customary to kiss someone entering or leaving your house. So I kiss my wife's lovers, but that's mostly because of custom rather than desire. One guy once gave me an out because my wife's pussy was on his breath, we just laughed and kissed, I joked, "I'm strangely attracted to your lips now" and kissed him again.

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