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Register. What's new. Install bi curious forum app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter iceshards Start date Mar 11, I have been hiding my sexuality for decades… I knew I was bi since I was a kid but I never came out of the closet. Then I went to college, got a good job, got married to my current wife… every happens very fast. She has a good life and I look like a normal husband. We are in open marriages. Sometimes i go out with a man, sometimes with women, but current job hasnt give me much time to socialize much.

Thing is i have tried some bi curious forum app like tinder, grindr, but alot of them seems not interested in older men. I would want to have some casual partner, and if click can be a long time partner. I usually travel here and there. Any of you have the same experience? I will put my cards on the table! I read this post several times and found myself wanting to be similarly brave. A lot of what the OP said also applies to me, although I am very inexperienced, I am very bi curious and would love to have a discreet experience with a man. I have no interest in moneyed relationships, or meeting lots of men, but a longer term, discreet relationship would be lovely.

I finally said it. I will be checking my inbox with nervous excitement! Expl0rerII said:. Good on you for being open and honest. Good luck. TonyLondon said:. Im bi too. Social norm can be very pressuring and family cant understand you too. Lucky nowadays ppl are abit more open. I suggests u to stop using those app, theres hardly any reply there. Idont know why. I think yo should try use Sugarbook. Ive got good encounter there. Ppl are also very friendly and straighforward. Veron said:. You shouldnt live yor live being unhappy and im glad you do something that is true to you.

Is the site similar to the other dating site? Come on you only live once dude it not worth to think abt what others think unless it affects ppl around me greatly. I was very greatul that my family is very acceptable for me to be bi sexual, no pressure from family. It is but with extra spicy things lol. Since TS talking about hes bi there also alot of young men and young girls that he can meet.

Plus, they are super decent looking, thats how my i found my relationship. I mean it doesnt hurt to spend some money onthem tho. These are some of them. View attachment View attachment Problem is whether you are ready to be cut off from your family. I feel like its the same with tinder. Yes I agree. I also think discreet meetings can be more exciting too. What a refreshing thread! I absolutely understand the loneliness and unhappiness of being married with children and having to suppress sexual feelings, or pretend not to have them.

I hope we can all encourage each other and advise each other. The site has gone deathly quiet as we are all busy checking the growing virus! Much too busy to think about sex! Share away, be interesting to hear each other's experiences. My first experience as an adult was around ten years ago.

I was a member of a little used D1 gym, now an apartment block! The gym and changing rooms were on different floors and connected to the changing room was a large room with a jacuzzi in the middle and a sauna nearby. As I visited around 7pm, I was nearly always alone in the jacuzzi area. And then a Vietnamese guy, around my age then mid thirties began to appear at the same times. At first other than a quick nod, I ignored him and felt annoyed that he was disturbing my peace. But I realised that he was beginning to follow me and when I went to the jacuzzi, he would follow soon after.

I sat with a stern face, unsure why he was doing it. Then I began to realise As I took my towel off to step into the jacuzzi he would crane his neck and made it more and more obvious that he was trying to see my cock. It confused me, and outwardly I became more detached, refusing to meet his smiling stare and avoiding the bi curious forum when he was in it. But when he ed me in it, I found myself knowing that I would have to stand, naked soon and his obvious attraction to me began to feel unexpectedly nice.

I stood, hurriedly wrapped the towel around me and headed for a cold shower. I had intended to leave Perhaps it was curiosity that was gripping me, but I went into the sauna and sat on the top shelf, my towel around my waist. Through the window I saw him leave the jacuzzi and take a shower. My heart was beating faster, hoping he would go to the changing room and leave and hoping he would come to the sauna The sauna door opened and silently he took off his towel and sat naked on the lower shelf, across to my left. I closed my eyes and looked up, but occasionally from the corner of my eyes, I glanced over his toned, sleek body and yes, his cock.

It was the first time I had seen a Vietnamese cock and my eyes lingered. And then as I raised my eyes back up over his body, I realised with a shock, that he was looking at me and smiling. I quickly glanced away, but as I did he stood, put water on the coals and moved to the shelf below me. I froze as I felt his hand stroking over my foot, then his rough, masculine hand slid up my leg.

Suddenly he turned to me, gripped my towel and yanked it away from me, immediately feeling his hand grasping my cock as his face neared mine. I turned my face and felt his rough kiss on my neck as he said his first words to me He pulled me to the edge of the shelf, hooked his hands under my knees and forced them open and suddenly his mouth and tongue were everywhere. Until suddenly I felt his mouth taking my cock inside and sucking with an urgency and passion that I had rarely experienced.

Within minutes I exploded uncontrollably inside his mouth and he stood smiling. I hurried to the shower and hurried home in utter emotional disarray. But a week later I went back Yes I bi curious forum reading it too.

Bi curious forum

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