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By Zachary Zane. Bi people, especially bi women, are often hypersexualized. Thus, hypersexualization le to violence. It really is as simple as that. Yes, I am a proud slut, but I still have standards. Of course not! So why have I noticed that there are so many more bi women and men in kink spaces?

Is there something innate to the bi and fluid identities that somehow contributes to kinkier behavior? You realize that the double standard between men and women when it comes to sex is absolutely ludicrous. As bi kink woman, you deserve an orgasm as much as any man, and if you go down on him, he damn well better go down on you too.

Bi kink

You deserve everything men have and more. This is why I believe that there are more bi women in kink spaces.

Bi kink

We want to experience more. We want to be surrounded by others who also want more. If that makes us greedy, then call us greedy. While I ed the group simply hoping to get my rocks off, what I gained from the group was so much more.

I was able to find a community of like-minded, relationship anarchists who want to give a middle finger to society. Who want more out of life. All of these factors contribute to why bi people flock to kink spaces.

Bi kink

By Zachary Zane September 03, Share. So here we go. The Unicorn Scale: Hacks. Comments Facebook Comments.

Bi kink Bi kink

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Why Are There So Many Bi People In Kink Spaces?