Breast fetish

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Feb 2. Posted by BroadBlogs. Science has shown that human females develop breasts as a secondary sexual characteristic that als a woman is of age to reproduce. Breasts in other mammals only enlarge with pregnancy.

Breast fetish

And, female nipple stimulation lights up the same area of the brain as clitoral stimulation. There, I argue that the breast fetish is socially constructed, and not biologically-based. Fetish: a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. Secondary breast fetish characteristics like breasts and a waist-hip ratio of around 0. But only one of these things has been culturally fetishized, creating sexual arousal. Also, men and women both develop pubic hair at puberty.

Does pubic hair make our genitals more arousing? Meanwhile, blonde is considered the sexiest hair color. Yet few females past puberty naturally have that color. Like the breast fetish, the breast fetish preference for blonde is a social construction. Actually, enlarged breasts only identify a mature-ish female. Where girls do conceive children as soon as they hit puberty, they are more likely to die in childbirth.

And they often develop fistulas — a hole between the vagina and rectum — while in labor. That hole causes urine and feces to seep out, creating an odor. In societies where girls bear children at young ages, fistulas — and the stench that accompanies them — often drive the girls out of their communities.

So yeah, breast development does indicate maturity.

Breast fetish

But is breast fetish purpose to enhance sex? Maybe the fetish is visually-oriented to encourage men to stimulate their partners. But when a couple is going at it, they will surely figure out the whole nipple arousal thing, sight unseen. Especially since it is even better at creating sexual stimulation than breasts are? Plus, the fetish disappears with long-term partners. Meanwhile, most Americans think larger breasts are more visually arousing. But it actually depends on the guy. And smaller breasts typically respond more strongly to touch….

Do bigger breasts make better moms because breast fetish produce more milk? All breast sizes provide adequate milk. Do bigger breasts mean that women have more gynoid fat, indicating long term reproductive value? Well, gynoid fat can be distributed in a of ways — maybe more up top or more in the hips.

But you only need so much of this fat and non-starving women have plenty. Slim Japanese women, without implants, are typically A-cups. But perfectly healthy reproducers. Like cows and goats. You need clothing, like a bra for instance, to create it. And how would that aid reproduction? The assertion that men everywhere are interested in breasts stems from prehistoric artwork that depicts large genitalia and breasts. The notion that this reflects some sort of fetish comes courtesy our cultural prism. And tribal life constitutes our earliest human beginnings.

More likely, these earliest peoples were obsessed with ensuring that life was created and nourished. So these images were likely created to harness the powers of the universe to propagate life. And yet humans somehow manage to reproduce, anyway.

See this: Fetishes are Natural — Unless Desensitized? Think the fetish is adaptive? See this. Some guys think I bring this up to shame them. Which leaves them obsessing over how they look and distracted from sex — which is not breast fetish great for men, either. For more on that, see this: The Trouble With Fetishes.

I am also fascinated by the social construction of reality, including the social construction of this fetish. Posted on February 2,in body imagefeminismmenpsychologysex and sexualitywomen and tagged body imagebreast fetishEvolutionary Psychologyfeminismmenpsychologysex and sexualitySocial construction of realitywomen. Bookmark the permalink. Or even paid attention to. I thought that bringing up pubic hair as a measure of sexual maturity was a very good point.

When one actually looks at what our society deems the most attractive in women it actually sounds a lot like what a young girl who has started but not completed puberty looks like. No pubic hair, but enlarged breasts and a small waist but with the beginnings at least of hips. And the fetishization of breasts cannot be adequately justified because nipples are an erogenous area. Getting breast implants takes away sensitivity from the breasts and can cause difficulties when breastfeeding and can have other side effects.

Making women feel like they have to modify their bodies like this is terrible and caused by unnaturally widespread fetishization. I never actually thought about breast as a fetish until now while reading this blog. And wonder if men ever acknowledge the weird obsession over the breast.

Is interesting how society does play a role in what fetish are acceptable or just normalize. But I just find it amazing how the integration of breast fetish is normalized in society.

Breast fetish

I would place the likelihood of breast as just something normal not even double thinking of how unnatural fetishizing the breast was. Also the impact of how some fetish like specific body parts like breast impacts the self-esteem of women. Not only self-esteem is effected but physically impacts women just like the modification of body parts to be smaller or bigger. A great example breast fetish this is the modification in the Victorian era where a small waist was desirable and it physically affects the lungs.

I really loved this post. I would have to agree that the fetishization of breast is a societal construct. In middle and high school, I had to walk home when I discovered fashion and clothing I started changing up what I wore. I quickly realized that what I wore breast fetish different on me than my peers, and catcallers were not afraid to let me know. I was wearing a light blue, high low dress with a cardigan for modesty when I was walking to my flute lesson in high school. This kind of bohemian style was quite in, and so a lot of girls would wear similar outfits. I was, however, much more developed in the chest than most girls.

The dress was flattering, and I felt cute in it. A truck with two men pulled up next to me and honked to get my attention, I just kept on walking. Now self-conscious I tried to cover my chest as I continued to my flute lesson, once again I saw the same truck. They pulled up next to me and told me how beautiful I was and how I filled out my dress just right. Being 14, this was the first time I experienced being catcalled, but I knew that I had to get out of that situation.

Breast fetish

I said I was late and walked away. My chest has been a continuous focus on dating, relationships, and just my everyday life. I think that the fetishization of breasts is determined by breast fetish because, in my experience, everyone who has commented on my breasts was men. Maybe your share can help. The answer is simple. Regarding point 1: feminists complain about everything that you have complained about. Why not appreciate variety is the spice of life instead of insisting on one narrow ideal? Everyone would be happier. People would be happier with their partners and people would be happy with themselves.

Cultures do it all the time and people within those cultures do it all the time. If we created a clitoris fetish then it would. I strongly agree that fetishizing breasts is something that is not a natural behavior. Western culture and media have played a huge role in pushing the idea that breast, especially bigger ones, are supposed to be arousing. While that may be true for some people, everyone gets aroused by different things and it is completely unfair for women to be told that they need to have big breasts to be more attractive. In movies and tv shows I have seen a lot of examples of teen girls stuffing their bras with tissue paper because that is what they think they need to do to be seen as more mature.

There are too many stories out there about women being shamed for breast feeding in public which is such a shame because breast fetish is a completely natural process. I found this blog to be incredibly interesting and it clearly gives great examples of how the breast fetish is socially constructed and not biologically based.

You can see this type of fetish played out through pornographic movies, artwork, magazines, and mainstream social media outlets. This can be dangerous because it le to dehumanizing and objectifying women as a whole. Reducing women to their breast size can create spaces that are uncomfortable. At the end of the day, keeping an open line of communication with your partner and pointing out comments that can be unwarranted or degrading is key in terms of correcting the behavior.

And, consider how unhealthy it would be for tribal men to have an erection all day long looking at naked breasts. If you have an erection lasting more than four hours….

Breast fetish

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