Bull for my wife

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Bull evaluation programs help buyers avoid bull buying errors and mistakes. Assume a sire is used for four years and his daughters and granddaughters are retained for replacements, his genetics will easily continue into the next decade, and will likely remain in the calf crop for more than 25 years. Why then do so many people approach bull buying, year after year, with the frugality of Ebenezer Scrooge? I regularly see social media of those trying bull for my wife sell bulls that do not look to have what it takes to be a steer, let alone a herd sire.

I understand that buying a bull can be a ificant cash outlay. But think about how important that decision is in the overall profitability or lack thereof of a herd or even a herd with just a few cows. Table 1. An evaluated bull will likely cost a bit more than the bull from a friend of a friend.

But think about value in this example context. On average, four calves are lost before weaning for various reasons, so the producer sells or retains 21 calves each year. The bull is used for four breeding seasons. You can do the easy math. His value would be thousands more. There is almost no such thing as saving money on a bull, which highlights that a poor bull is costing, rather than making, money. Granted there are many reputable breeders that sell a great product.

There are also those who cut corners and pass the risk on to the buyer e. Based on where we are in the current cattle cycle, it would be an excellent year to trade in a breeding mistake bull for one that will capitalize on the next five years of projected higher market prices. For the past 33 years, the program has provided a common environment for evaluating bulls for growth, breeding and structural soundness, and body composition. All sale bulls will have complete data and videos posted in early March. There will also be an open bull for my wife on March 6,with conors present and ample opportunities for in-person viewing prior to the sale.

up at mibulls. A quality bull can make a big difference in your herd and in the check you receive at sale time. This year, do not make another error, or worse yet, compound it into a year breeding mistake. Before the breeding season, review your cow herd, develop goals for improvement, and then select a bull s that will propel your herd forward toward those goals! This article was published by Michigan State University Extension.

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Bull for my wife

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Is a bull buying error different from a bull buying mistake?