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Chaturbate is a freemium live webcam site where the models, male, female, trans and couples, earn money through tips or tokens they receive from the customers. Chaturbate has always had a focus on tech and new features and options. There are a lot of Apps and Bots which help you customize your chat room experience.

You have for example apps to count tips, set times and fun games like roll the dice and receive a prize. The apps in the app store have a title and description, but chaturbate forums the token score. This metric tells you how useful and profitable the app is. Chaturbate also allows you to completely customize your profile bio.

If you have no experience with coding, you can just keep it basic or you can make use of companies that create bio s especially for Chaturbate.

Chaturbate forums

Tristan Tristan is a co-founder of this community. Interwebs nerd by day and by night. Likes to watch sports and has gathered substantial knowledge about the webcam world, by visiting conferences and talking to and drinking with people from the industry. I have been on Chaturbate now for just under two weeks, and despite being new to the cam world in general i. More than five hundred chaturbate forums, mostly acquired through private chats - the overall quality of the clientele is good. On this system due to the draconian binary gender system that most cam sites impose, I am listed as male.

Straight and gay. I would highly recommend this to any cammer who actually identifies in this manner; I found the site based on it being reviewed as a top site for male models. My experience so far with it has been very good and I am pleased with the so far.

Chaturbate forums

Viewers are generally nice and polite, and for the very few who are not, it is easy to kick, silence, or ban them. Lots of traffic at chaturbate forums hours of the day. They also support streaming via OBS, which is great! Started on Chaturbate November 4th and traffic was booming and people were tipping so making money way like nothing. Fast forward to now and I am lucky to have people in my room whether it is me solo or my boyfriend and I logged in as a couple.

It's pitiful how they all expect everything for free. Hopefully traffic and tipping picks back up. I have a lot of ppl at room Visitors can record models They have DMCA which not sure it really means much. I've sent a lot of my pirated links to them and said they would take them down.

I work on Chaturbate and in the settings I turn off " show on network sites" and ever since then I don't find them in the google search. Paisleyluves, thank you! I have to check it!! I wish that all models could get more viewers, and not have to sit around for hours until they make the front s.

But you still get paid and still get followers very easily which is wonderful. The more followers you have, the more things you can sell from your profile. The system is easy to navigate and chaturbate forums I am never on first but I still earn good enough. You don't robinlisa i hated this also,and my hair is losen but when i make regulars 2 weeks i need for it ,i easy just chaturbate forums online and money is here I miss cb.

Back then we just started with web-camming. It was a good learning school for newbies: how to behave in front of a camera, the differentiated groups of custumers, the freeloaders who just don't stop asking everything for free, the not always honest camsites chaturbate sold videos and pics of some of their models After this experience with a freemium site we only go for ppm sites. Hey stnlouis, we do have a feature called ticket shows that allow you to close your room from public chat but still sell tickets to your shows.

And they offer you for a free DMCA take down but they never would. I have the same impression that they do sell your content. Be noticed when you online as soon as you open your cam there is an anonymous user in your room. Aren't you suspicious about it???? Chaturbate does not record shows and the content to other sites.

Sorry to hear you struggled with our age verification process. This site is very weird, and support is terrible, it is worse than bad. They keep sending me generic answers without chaturbate forums. Few days ago, I got validated and I started to work. I got some tips, which was around 75 tokens which is nothing but ok I am new. A newbie there won't have many visitors, but those who are there want everything for free. Sincerely, I think they are destroying our chances to earn money this way. Then I wanted to register my husband, and he got rejected because of region restriction.

Then I wrote to them and all of the sudden they reverted me to "not validated". I wondered why this happened and they just said sorry for our mistake and the rest goes always like this - The age verification information that you submitted has been denied. Your age verification was declined for the following reason: Thank you for your interest in becoming an age verified broadcaster on Chaturbate. We are not, however, accepting new broadcaster ups from your region at this time.

Please feel free to continue using the site for watching broadcasts from other users, or to broadcast free shows from your own webcam. Happy Chaturbating!

Chaturbate forums

To stop receiving these s, Unsubscribe From This List. The only positive side is that they support OBS, and that's it. First of all: as a male performer the world in on line caming is not as good as for females Traffic: via their affiliates they have tons of traffic! Having more than users in every season, shows me that there is great work being done by their marketing team Is all that traffic willing to pay? Sure not but as more the users so and the changes Payment: They off many ways to get paid and that the nice part! Also the verification is easy and fast. Support: I think that there is not support at all!

The site works by a strange way eg the suggested users! You can not find how to become one Software: Their software is nice, easy to use and has too many options! The sad is it lags all chaturbate forums time and as you know the days that there is a nice tipping flow, that is a total disaster So, if you are a model, you don't have many experience and time to build a reputation, i think CB is the best choice out there to make a good start!

I had two issues I had to support about and the first I got an answer within an hour, the second they answered me in about 12 hours and that chaturbate forums I had ed in the middle of the night, so I got a response first thing in the morning. Not only were they fast, but friendly and fixed both of my issues on the spot! I loved CB,but they don't allow anymore my Country to work with I get there some extra money as pregnant woman,after and before pregnanci,almost nothing If somebody have a idea how to find way to work in,orhave to sell ,pls pm me.

I miss Chaturbate No one is as he. Been on cb quite a while. So many doing completely free shows on there it makes it much harder to make tips when the viewer can just go to the next room and get shit free. But there is chance to make money if you spend time online etc. Been doing premium snap for a while and ready to transition to camming, and know all about freeloaders.

IDk, good and bad with all sites, it seems but thanks for the insight! Chaturbate forums comfort should come one, you certainly aren't required to do your shows in public chat. I give chaturbate 5 starts across the board. And let me tell you why, the site traffic is unreal. That is full time money for part time hours. This website changed my life.

No shame here! I'm so happy for you! I hope the good times continue. Camming is unpredictable, so make sure you have some savings before you quit your vanilla job. Honestly, this is my favorite site to cam on.

Chaturbate forums

I was on Streamate off and on for years but I would never have more than a few people in my room at a time. On Chaturbate, I get up to around Granted, a lot of them don't pay but it gives me that many more sales opportunities.

Chaturbate forums

I also really enjoy the fun, social environment and the community of people there. I know many models don't like CB because of the freeloaders and trolls, but not only are they super easy to ban, you can also give moderator permissions to customers or other models. They make it really easy to cam with a guest, unlike Streamate which demands you have a couples.

Streaming with another person is a great way to drive more traffic and interest to your cam.

Chaturbate forums

I get paid by chaturbate forums deposit and have never had any issues with payment or support. The payout for the model is 5 cents per token. They pay twice a month. Also their cam quality and site functionality dominate over Streamate or MyFreeCams. The apps and bots that you can set up to run in your room are super helpful! Chaturbate encourages models to stream using OBS which gives you the option to add a watermark to your stream, and other fun video overlays like tip goals etc. C2C is not an issue on Chaturbate. They don't offer it as an option, however any site member can broadcast their camera on their own profile.

If a customer wants to do cam2cam, you simply instruct them to broadcast their cam on their profile and then you can view it. The issues that Streamate has with their c2c functionality often drive away paying customers. This system works out much better in my opinion. It is not a private-based site, however I have gotten plenty of private shows from there.

You have options like setting your price, minimum chat time unlike the 2 minute jerk-off frenzies on Streamatesetting the cost for people to spy on your shows, offering group shows, allowing the customer to save a recording of the show, etc. You can chaturbate forums sell tickets to hidden ticket shows, which allow only the people who paid to watch.

Chaturbate forums

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