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Tranny chat with Henrietta ». July 12, I went to a very exclusive club last night, they were only letting the most beautiful women in, plain girls had to stand in line. Obviously, I had no trouble getting in and I had no trouble finding men willing to buy me drinks or ask me to dance either.

It took me forever to pick one to leave with but as soon as I saw him I knew he was perfect. He was handsome and tall but something about him hinted at an inner weakness… and I knew that I could use him as I wished. After a few more drinks he was ready to follow me anywhere so of course I brought him home with me.

Chicks with dicks chat

He had no idea that I had a giant cock until we were in my bed undressing each other… I was expecting shock but he was transfixed by the sight of my beautiful dick! He stroked it and with a sigh, leaned down his head and swallowed nearly every inch, I was so surprised that I nearly came right then!

Somehow I controlled myself enough to not cum in the moment… I wanted his tight ass and I was going to make sure I got it. He was eager for it, on his hands and knees begging me to fuck him so I knew I could ram it in as deep and hard as I wanted to. Mmmm what a night! I think I may just keep this one around for a while…. Tags: big dick shemalechicks with dickssexy tranny cockshemale chatshemale phone sextranny phone sex.

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We also offer cyber text chicks with dicks chat and those are at the same rate as calls 10 minute minimum on all calls, no exceptions. July 14, I wrote a song Miss Gaga might approve of! I love Cum Dumps, this beat is sick! Tranny phone sex makes you ride this stick! Suck me and lick me. Just going to gape you for a minute. Maybe three hours is plenty for my cock to quit it I love Cum Dumps, this beat is sick!

You know my Trans Cock fame? Time to find a cum drain! July 11, Tranny Phone Sex for a first timer is what I had fun doing chicks with dicks chat night. I had a new client come to me he had never been with a woman like me before, but he had been curious.

Chicks with dicks chat

I could tell he was nervous so I went slow. Kissing his neck and working my way down his body, when I got to his cock it was already throbbing and leaking. I chicks with dicks chat his precum of the head of his cock and he let out a loud moan. Then I shoved his cock deep in my throat. When I felt he was ready I slid him down the couch more and lifted his legs up I rubbed my cock right on his asshole. I told him I would go easy but I needed chicks with dicks chat and he was going to give me what I wanted. I popped the head of my cock in his ass, I kept stroking his cock to keep him relaxed as I slid the rest on my throbbing dick in him.

I then slowly used his tight virgin ass to milk my cock. I started going harder and stroking his dick faster when he started moaning and cumming all over my tits. It excited me to see that so I came hard in his ass filled him up. Tranny Phone Sex for Married Men. July 3, I love Tranny phone sex lovers looking for some anal fucking. As a dominant T-Girl my back door is off limits unless you have a cock my size or bigger. I picked up a married man at a club last night. Like most men, he was clueless about my panty surprise. I cock teased him dirty dancing in the club. So, once we got back to his hotel, there was no going back.

A man with an erection, who has been cock teased for hours, needs release. It is like a emergency. Once I had him rock hard with, he was not turning back. He was surprised when he discovered I was a big dick shemale, he was hesitant, but he did not flee. He was too worked up. I was his first anal experience. I made him suck my dick first. He was new to dick sucking, so I went slow.

He was not a bitch. He had a decent cock, just not as big as mine. Handsome too. After a good skull fucking, I spread his cheeks and he welcomed my cock. I grabbed his hips, and slowly pushed my big cock deep in his ass. He was tight. He gripped my dick with his back door pussy and milked my cock dry. I shot a huge load of cum in his ass. He was walking funny. I spent the night and fucked him again in the morning.

Chicks with dicks chat

By that time, he was feeling better, and he wanted me to go even harder on him. I did too. I love married men. They are often on the down low when it comes to sexy shemales. They spoil me and I fuck them. Win Win My holes are young, and ripe for the stretching. I love stroking her cock while I lick out her shit hole.

That only eggs her on as she pounds into me harder and harder. I love fucking women, and I love women fucking me June 26, Have you become a little horny and intrigued with t-girls? You need not be gay, and factually speaking many non-gay men enjoy sext with t-girls. If you have ever enjoyed being pegged by a girlfriend, wife, lover or mother then you may consider a girl like me. I know that on a personal level for me I prefer a fleshy real cock over a damned dildo.

Sometimes you just crave to feel a dick in your mouth and to taste that cum. I always suggest stroking off and sucking off a nice silicone cock and as soon as you cum you lick those swimmers off of your fingers. Suck my tranny dick is what I want of you and will tell you over and over again until you get it right. This means you best take me all the way in and make those lips work. Enjoy my Sexy tranny cock Work my t-girl cock like a good dick sucker. If you need I will call you my fucking cock sucking bitch boi and you will love it.

This blog will give you incentive and you should suck my dick better. Work it with you lips, open your throat and use your tongue. Tease the head of my cock. Think about what feels good to your cock and replicate it on mine.

Tranny Phone Sex with Madame Carla. She takes such good care of me, and in return I worship and take excellent care of her cock. It chicks with dicks chat special slutty skills to deep throat such a delicious she-dick. I do my best to please her, to milk hot and sticky lo from her Madame meat stick.

Chicks with dicks chat

She only uses her magical cock to stretch out assholes, and occasionally pussies. My submissive cunt gets soaking wet at the thought of being able to serve such a gorgeous, kinky Domme such as Carla. My purpose in life is to now be her little pocket pussy. My pathetic princess pussy needs filled up now!

Please, convince her to play with me! Madame Carla loves when a man cums to play with us. I whimper, and the man comes in. She intends to have him use my tight teen body for his pleasure, and hers as well. June 18, Sexy T-girls like me love to have Shemale chat sessions. I love a good cock craving pervert. I have a way about seducing straight men as much as gay men. Bi-sexual men and sissy girls are hot to play with also. I am really just a prostitute slut that has a nice dick and a clean taint. My filthiest fucking calls I love is where a little dick sissy is watching me take on some chicks with dicks chat big bull cocks.

Watching me get my tranny pussy fucked good. You will watch as those big bull dicks unload in this tranny cunt. I know your own little dick will throb.

Chicks with dicks chat

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