Cross dress fetish

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Cross-dressingdocumented throughout history around the globe, is a well-known erotic activity. Some men do it alone; some couples play with it together. Unlike a vibrator, which is valued because it provides direct physical stimulation, a fetish provides psychological stimulation. Often, just the sight of a fetish object - say a muddy shoe - provides the erotic jolt. For the fetishist, in a sense, the idea of being stroked by a glove is more important than the feeling of being stroked by a glove. Many fetishes from which to choose Cross-dressing is only one of many fetishes.

Humans, of course, express their sexuality in a staggering variety of ways, and so an amazing variety of things are fetish objects to someone or other. These include gloves, shoes, latex, various foods, and soaking wet dresses. Body parts such as hands and feet are common fetishes, as are urine and faeces.

Some erotic rigidities involve experiences in addition to or instead of objects. Torn clothing may be of no interest, but the tearing of clothing may be exciting. The risk of discovery in a semi-public place elevator, staircase turns sex into fireworks for some people. The attachment to such experiences is generally called a paraphilia rather than a fetish. Exhibitionism, voyeurism, and sadomasochism are common ones. As with so many cross dress fetish sexual problems, talking about this is essential. Some couples hesitate to talk, fearing that honesty will confront them with an essential incompatibility.

And indeed, that does happen. On the other hand, a true fetish - a long-term, rigid requirement of a specific object - is unlikely to change. A serious year-old girdle fetishist will usually become a year-old girdle fetishist. So what about worshiping big penises, or liking a warm room, clean bed, and sweet words: Fetish? Elna Cross dress fetish, Health24 sexologist. : Compulsive sex and its treatment. We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred.

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Cross dress fetish

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