Crossdresser confessions

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Click on the cover image above to read some s of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. I always dreamed of meeting a woman who might understand what I did and even be a part of Lucy's life and help me become a proper sissy and feminize me, all in secret of course. Someone who wouldn't mind if I dressed up whenever I wanted and someone who would go shopping for women's clothes and underwear This book is a true of my life and hiding my secret cross-dressing.

I started dressing up as a girl, in private when I was around 15 years old and many years later, still dressing up in sexy underwear, dresses and high heels. I write about my life and how I coped with the emotions of being a closet cross-dresser as a teenager and how I hid it away from all my friends and family and how I coped with it going into adult life. I find wearing women's clothes very exciting and dressing up for me, was a type of escapism and a go-to place where Lucy could switch off from the outside world. I would dress up crossdresser confessions sexy as I could and learned how to put makeup on, and I would take photos and video myself.

I loved wearing satin basques with stockings and the highest heels possible, it made me feel amazing. Fancy dress outfits were a big favourite too, along with tight bodycon type dresses and long-haired wigs. This exciting self-penned and self-published true of being a crossdresser is written in a very matter-of-fact style.

It contains details and activities of a naughty nature and goes into some of my experiences. Some I'm proud of and others I'm not but either way, 'guaranteed' to make you hot under the collar and other places too! Hopefully, this book will act as some kind of a guide to other crossdressers or transvestites who are going through or have been through a range of emotions from being on an all-time high to fighting with their inner demons. It might just help the reader to accept what they do behind closed doors, is okay and it might be more normal than we all think.

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Crossdresser confessions

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I am a closeted CrossDresser. I didn't