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By southlondoncucky, May 24, in Site Polls. Hi guys have just put up a poll. What arouses me the most is knowing that I am fucking another man's wife or girlfriend, so from that point of view it could be inferred that I couldn't care less about the cuckold, however I'm there for the wife; it's her that arouses me! I really do not have an opinion. I could see that he had not expected his wife to fuck another guy in their marital bed and was visibly shocked. She had called him in to the bedroom and introduced me as her lover; and then made him clean her juices from me.

She then denied him access to her She did not want cleaning and said that it felt like she had been impregnated and might conceive. This was a little too much for him and he left the room Most of the dirty perverted fuckers are just happy to get no-strings-attached sex, and not have to pay for it! However, from my personal experience, bulls I've met in my bed with my wife, were fascinated with my sheer adoration. My encouraging my wife to fuck them, fuck them bareback, my guiding their cocks in, encouraging them to cum inside her, my licking her pussy, my telling her how much I loved cuckold bull forum when I was fucking her after them.

The whole pile of shit about the possibility of their getting her pregnant; and during the years before we married I cuckold bull forum have proposed to her twenty times in front of drooling witnesses who had just pumped a load of spunk into her minutes before. They all wanted to be invited and do her in her wedding dress. Only one was that lucky! By migelma Started Tuesday at AM. By baramados Started Monday at PM. What Bulls enjoy most 24 members have voted 1. That the cuckold does know and you are humiliating him. That the cuckold is encouraging you.

Recommended Posts. Posted May 24, Link to post Share on other sites. Enigma63 91 Posted May 28, Posted May 28, Posted November 18, I really do not have an opinion Although, one first introduction to a cuck was a clean up of his wife. I guess I didn't care because I fucked her again DevotedHubby Posted February 14, Posted February 14, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. Latest Topics. Cyber Bull looking to share your hotwife. Bulgarian men with experience. Hi evertone,heres a new cuck. Bull in MI looking for wife or couple.

Cotswolds and Warwickshire Bull here. Looking for people in Shanghai, China. Beautiful Asian wife. Photographer Available.

Cuckold bull forum

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