Cuckold wanted

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Hello, Over the past year that me and my boyfriend Trevor have been together he cuckold wanted slowly but thoroughly convinced me to share as much detail of my past sexual encounters with other men with him as I could remember. He would often beg me for more information, more detail, but he had heard it all already. Something about it makes him jealous but he says he likes it, and I like it because it makes him extremely horny.

Recently, as a result of me telling Trevor all of my stories, he nervously suggested we find a way for me to have more experiences with other guys so I have more to tease him with. I was pretty unsure about the idea, I didn't want to do something that Trevor would regret that could possibly ruin our relationship, so we both agreed to take it slow.

He made various suggestions, I should go to a bar alone, Cuckold wanted should post an ad online etc. I suddenly found myself excited by his enthusiasm. I had ly said that I just wanted to make out with a random guy as a first step. Trevor was happy with that but I knew he would have let me go further if I wanted. Friday rolled around, the night I was supposed to head out to a bar alone and be the slightly slutty version of Stacy not my real name that Trevor wanted me to be.

I couldn't take my mind off of it, I just couldn't focus on anything that morning and decided to see what would happen if I put an ad online for a casual encounter.

Cuckold wanted

I couldn't believe the response I got. Out of all of them though, there were only a couple of guys who had sent pictures that I found attractive, one of which turned cuckold wanted to be an interessting and down to earth guy with a great body. I started getting horny as I talked to him.

He wanted to meet me that night. I spent an hour thinking about it, staring at his pictures. No idea if I was going too far, if this was all just a fantasy for Trevor, I sent him the pic of the guy, Owen, naked. And asked him "would you let me suck this guy's cock? I was so nervous waiting for his reply. Finally, he messaged back, reversing the question, "Do you want to?

I decided to be honest, "Yeah, I want to, a lot. I explained everything. It would have been an understatement to say that he was jealous and excited and nervous and absolutely wanted me to do it. It was like his dream come true. I had Owen's and decided to give him a call.

Cuckold wanted

I didn't want to meet him at a cafe or anything like that first, but wanted to make sure he was a normal guy. We ended up chatting for about half an hour and my mind was put at ease. I gave him my address and he said he would be round in an hour. Trevor was at work, waiting on my every text.

I told him it was happening in an hour, that Owen was coming to my place and that I had told him bj only, no sex. The next hour was spent texting Trevor, deciding what to wear, putting on make up, cuckold wanted tidying my apartment. I settled on my kimono style dressing gown and some lacy underwear that Trevor had bought me. He told me that it drove him especially wild knowing I was wearing that.

It occurred to me that this was the last moment I had to not do this.

Cuckold wanted

Then I remembered that Trevor wanted this, he wanted me to do something slutty, and I remembered Owen's body. And I opened the door. He was tall and athletic and so confident. I rememeber the way he put his hand on my hip and kissed my cheek as soon as I opened the door, telling me I looked beautiful. I took his hand and led him inside and into my bedroom.

Cuckold wanted

He just stood there, looking at me, smiling. I felt naked even though I was still wearing the dressing gown. I tried to turn the tables and get back in control, "take your clothes off. He moved closer to me and took off my dressing gown, taking a step back and looking at my body telling me I look sexy. Feeling totally out of my depth, I told him cuckold wanted take off his clothes again. Again, he ignored me, stepping closer and kissing my neck, reaching up to take off my bra. I pushed him away playfully and said something like "I don't need to be naked to give you a bj.

He looked so. He laughed. I moved closer to him and began to take off his jeans, he unhooked my bra. A few seconds later, he's naked lying on my bed, me on top of him staring at his thick hard cock. He holds my hair away from my face and watches me wrap my lips around him, I go slow and deep and listen to him moan. After I don't know how long, maybe 5 minutes, I look up at him and he asks me to stop, he doesn't want to come yet. I oblige, I'm loving every second of this and don't want it to end sooner than it has to.

I kiss his pecs, he pulls me higher and starts sucking my boobs, biting my nipples, making me moan, I grind against him softly, pleasuring him and me, I can't believe how good it feels, I'm not far off from cumming, but I stop myself and go back down, this time not as slow, he thrusts into my throat it's uncomfortable but somehow sexy, I feel as though he is using me, cuckold wanted pushes on my head as he thrusts, I know he's about to come so I let him continue. He moans as he cums forcefully in my mouth. His belly convulses and I see his abs as he tenses.

So fucking hot. I swallow and clean him up with my tongue. He lies naked in my bed for a few minutes. He offers to return the favour. I decline even though I want him to. I sit on the edge of my bed, topless, watching this hot stranger getting dressed. He tells me he wants to keep in touch. I tell him we will. After that, I told Trevor everything, by text, he was still at work and actually went to the bathroom to masturbate as I was texting him all the details. He was incredibly jealous and horny. He asked me tons of questions.

One of them, "do you want to meet him again? Not with Owen, but I need to go all the way, I can't stop now. We loved every bit of this new experience and will try it again as I have never seen him so excited. Every cuckold wanted laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking

Cuckold wanted

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cuckold wanted