Daddy daughter kink

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Hope this helps demystify my foremost perversion for ya! There are some cute anecdotes in it! I eroticized feeling younger than many of my dominant partners, even when they were my age or younger. I also noticed that I liked pain and roughness during sex but preferred to view it not as a punishment but instead as something I was enduring to prove myself to my dominant, or even as a reward. Some littles get even more intensely into the role of a younger persondaddy daughter kink may incorporate elements like stuffed animals, coloring books, and pacifiers into their play.

You and your partner s can choose whichever honorific s you prefer. That goes for any names the submissive wants to go by, as well. Personally, my Daddy gives me some structure and discipline I relish, like when he sends me a reward e. He guides and advises me, within negotiated limits, on both professional and personal matters. His love and support make me feel safe and motivated. It makes me feel closer to you when I can anticipate your needs and wants. I get this huge hit of pride when something I guide you toward works out. Same for picking your drinks. Or at least, not in the literal sense.

Daddy daughter kink

And I certainly have never had sexual feelings about my actual father. That said, for some people, incest itself is a kink. They may enjoy the taboo of that dynamic.

Daddy daughter kink

But the more that I practiced saying it and thinking it, the easier it got. Sometimes I would practice while masturbating. Sometimes I would just think it until I felt brave enough to say daddy daughter kink. It was a process.

Which is easier said than done, sadly. I know people whose Daddies are younger than them. My last Daddy was 5 inches shorter than me. My current Daddy is just over a year older than me. As long as I feel small, safe, and submissive in their presence, all those other factors are superfluous. They make me feel like a massive failure and like my partner is actually mad at me, which can lead me into an anxious or depressive spiral. He up: This post contains a sponsored link.

As always, all writing and opinions are my own. What makes someone a Daddy Dom? How did you, personally, discover you were into this kink? How does this kink manifest during sex? How did you get over shame and self-judgment about this kink? How does punishment work in this dynamic?

Daddy daughter kink

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Daddy daughter kink Daddy daughter kink

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