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Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members. Answered Unanswered. Visitors to this also searched for:. Kik verschil tussen een lichte d en donkere d Solid d on kik means theyre talking to another contact Was beteutet das d bei kik Graues d kik.

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What does the letter d mean on kik messenger? On kik why are some ds dark an some grey what if they didnt close up but its in sleep mode. Asked by: Jimmy. by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. No it means s ending, then d elivered, then r ead At times, the D is dark, other times it is light.?

Add your answer. Anonymous Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Someone said: It means "the". Was this comment helpful? Someone said: The light D means that the message was delivered, but the person doesnt have the app open. This answer closely relates to:. At times, the D is darkother times it is light.? Someone said: The light one means they haven't opened Kik on their phone or they are offline on their computer. A dark D means they are logged into Kik somewhere but they haven't opened it. R means read D means delivered.

Someone said: kiked. S means sent but my question is Someone said: i think the S for sent means your message was sent and the D stands for the other person received it because it was delivered to their phone and R means that they read it. What does this mean?? Anonymous 2. The d means delivered the s means sent and the r means recived. Someone said: R means read. Anonymous 1. Anonymous 0. D mean that the message you have sent if delivered to your friend S means that the message you have wrote has been sent to the server. I think it means that it has been sent but the phone is not on.

Anonymous "Then dark d connection came back and was delivered I think it means their wifi connection was off for a bit when it was a light d. Then dark d connection came back and was delivered. Cause I talked to a friend and it was a light d. Then later that day they were like sorry I finally just got your message my wifi was acting weird. Anonymous "D means delivered and r means read xxx S means sent. D means delivered and R means read xxx. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this?

I believe you want to know how many people are logged in on kik messager. There are Hundreds of thousands online every hour. You cannot identify how many users are online at the same time. Users are being identified per server, Asia, Europe dark d on kik other regions are being separted to avoid Server traffic.

The only persons who can Identify to how many users are online is the Administrator of the application. Blackberry messenger has this letter system to mark the messages depending on their status. Read messages are marked with a "R" letter that can also mean that they are Received. The messages marked with "D" means that they are delivered. The "A" letter means the message was answered. John Russel. Anonymous "Wont to change my visa title from messenger to any clerical post so how Dear sir i wont to change my visa title from messenger to any clerical post so how can i write a letter to send my company HR because this messe?

Dear sir i wont to change my visa title from messenger to any clerical post so how can i write a letter to send my company HR because this messenger post for i cant open driving dark d on kik file. You can get the greek letter in blackberry messenger as dark d on kik. All that you can do is to ask your friends who are using Kik messenger if they passed it on to their friends and love ones then you just do the math. I just bought a samsung galaxy s3 from someone and they replaced the LCD screen and the phone works the screen is just coming up black what can i do.

Anonymous "Reset all settings and restart phone Try on wifi connections in the bb configuration mode. Reset all settings and restart phone. Try also disconnecting the router and retsarting. No it will not work, you cannot send message to those messenger by using kik messengerIt will only work for kik messenger to kik messenger. You have to download SpyBot and run a search and destroy and it will fix this problem :. Add Your Answer What does the letter d mean on kik messenger? Anonymous "Hi in kik it shows sent but its not delievered Hi in kik it shows Sent but its not delievered This discussion closely relates to:.

Anonymous "Recieve the message?

Dark d on kik

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