Ddlg little names

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 03 March - PM. Daddy's names for me:. My names for Daddy:. I mainly stick to calling him Daddy, but I've been wanting to pick something more personal and connected to us. I have to many pet names and nicknames to remember at this point. I'm not even sure this is all of the names, but this is the majority.

I'm sending this to Daddy so he can call me some other cute things too. Posted 04 March - AM. Mr only has a few pet names for me. He used to only have one until he found out how much that bothered me. He's still getting comfortable with using more pet names. His common one: Honey His favorite: Mrs. You can call me Kit! I also answer to Autumn. Posted 04 March - PM. Fetlife Tumblr. Battony, Little Mixtrix of the Haunted Mansion.

Aquarius Little Mermaid Royal Baby. Back to top 13 princess-mel princess-mel Advanced Member. Daddy calls me:. I call Daddy:. Daddy's happy puppy' this last one is like a reflex and makes me smile no matter how gloomy I am at that moment. Back to top 16 Kitten Kitten Advanced Member. You can add it! I don't think my daddy has ever called me princess. Little one is so cute. I like being called little one and Little lady from Daddy.

It makes me feel happy and really small. Posted 05 March - AM. About 2months into our relationship, I started calling him HoneyBear I still call him that, so I cannot believe I forgot! Bear, which morphed into Mr. Back to top 19 Bull Bull Master Brom. Posted 07 March - PM.

Posted 29 March - PM. For the most part Daddy calls me Panda or Pandidabear. Other things he's called me include:. Basically anything cute followed by 'panda. I mainly call him Daddy for the most part. But other things I call him are:. Plus the usual cutesy names that couples use for each other sweetheart, baby, my love. I'll usually call him by his name, honey or sweetheart around my family or his family. Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. In Create. Posted 03 March - PM What does your caregiver call you?

Or what do you as a caregiver call your little? I also call him handsome! As for what he calls me Little one Little Ddlg little names. Posted 04 March - AM oooh i love this one!! Posted 04 March - AM Mr only has a few pet names for me. Posted 04 March - PM hmm, cutie little lady popcorn monster little girl for some reason I really like being called little lady.

Gif not mine original post here. Sophie ddlg little names this. Sometimes Buttons! Other things he's called me include: -princess panda -honey panda -little panda -little one -babygirl -panda baby Basically anything cute followed by 'panda. But other things I call him are: -Sir -Daddy-not-a-bear -Daddy-not-a-panda -the Pandakeeper -Mister Zookeeper -Mister Pandakeeper Plus the usual cutesy names that couples use for each other sweetheart, baby, my love.

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Ddlg little names

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