Dirty fleshlight

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You need to take a lot better care of it. I dirty fleshlight, it makes sense, your dick goes in it. Note: read my guide to choosing the best Fleshlight for you. Before I let you in on my secrets, I want to address as to why you absolutely should clean your Fleshlight. Not only will black spots appear on your precious sleeve that you paid a dirty fleshlight of money for, but it will also become stinky. Ever wondered what a moldy Fleshlight sleeve looks like? Check out this. Also, if you have a partner, using a dirty Fleshlight is super inconsiderate. I have two options for you. Just kidding.

The official method forces you to spend a pretty penny on the Fleshwash cleaner. Is it worth it? When using Fleshwash, you know that your giving your sleeve the love and care it deserves. Basically, you follow all the same steps in the official method until step Isopropyl alcohol will kill anything living inside your Fleshlight sleeve without ruining the material.

Whatever you do, please do not drink it. You will literally die, I am not kidding. Okay, so this is where it gets interesting because there are different methods. Drying the hard case is super easy. Just use a heavy-duty paper towel to soak up all the excess water. Before hanging your sleeve up to dry, use a microfiber cloth to soak up as much water as possible.

Whatever you do, make sure your Fleshlight is bone dry before you put it back in its case because otherwise, it will go moldy. In case you skipped the beginning of the guide, let me just remind you that this is bad, bad news for your sleeve and dick. After cleaning your Fleshlight sleeve, stand it up on a radiator so any excess water can drip out. Super low-effort but it will take a while to dry. This video from minute Pretty much just lay your Fleshlight sleeve on a towel to dry. Some people successfully use a hairdryer on a cool setting to dry the Fleshlight sleeve.

This method makes a lot of sense if you use your Fleshlight a lot and have the space and cash for an extra electrical appliance. You simply stick the sleeve on the pump, turn it on and leave it to dry. Fleshlight sleeves dry the best when air can flow through them and water can drip away. You can build a drying rack out of almost anything — the world is your oyster. To do this you need one of those thin and flexible clothes hangers that sometimes you get for free from a dry cleaner. Kinda like this onemaybe even thinner. I think you know what I am talking about.

One major plus for this method is that you can store the Fleshlight easily in a closet, keeping it out of sight. Any mounted structure your Fleshlight can stand on and that air can flow through, will do. The more textured your sleeve, the longer the drying time. The Fleshlight Original or Super Tight sleeve will dry in no time, but something fancy and elaborate like the Destroya will take a lot longer. Your Fleshlight sleeve is like a lady, it needs tender loving and care. In addition to the Fleshwash, Fleshlight sells a Renewing Powder.

You can buy cornstarch in any store — literally any store that sells food will sell cornstarch. To be honest, you might even have some in your kitchen right now. However, whatever you do, make sure that your sleeve is as dry as a desert before you do this. The dirty fleshlight the sleeve is made out of is really delicate, pretty much most things will degrade it. Pretty much anything but water, Fleshwash, isopropyl alcohol, and cornstarch will destroy your Fleshlight sleeve.

Soap is the biggest killer. The ingredients in soap will degrade the material and allow mold and bacteria to live in it. Sex toy cleaner is also a big no-no. One more thing, not any old powder will do when refreshing the sleeve. Talc is especially harmful for you: it can irritate your genitals and has been found to cause cancer. The more textured the sleeve, the dirty fleshlight difficult it is to clean. Some dirty fleshlight recommend very briefly turning the sleeve inside out and rinsing it under warm water.

Excuse the emojis, but this is serious. It will stop being soft, become a safe-haven for bacteria. Just make sure you give the sink a good rinse with isopropyl alcohol and disinfectant. However, I can totes understand that you might not want to wash your Fleshlight in the same place dirty fleshlight brush your teeth and wash your face. A small tub is an inexpensive and super hygienic way to clean your Fleshlight. Multiple sleeves!

Good news is that you now know everything there is to know about cleaning your next Fleshlight sleeve. By the time your Fleshlight is moldy, the material will have degraded and it might have become harmful to your health. Anything that you do will only fix the surface problems and the mold will continue to thrive deep inside the material — not a place you want to put your dick in.

Kudos to you for being a daredevil! If you do try it, let me know how it works out in the comments. Just remember, the mold might come back very quickly and any cleaning might have only been cosmetic. We actually made it. This is all you need to know to keep your Fleshlight in tip-top shape. Sex Coach. Author of 47 hours - helping men last longer in bed. Get an when a new article is published.

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Dirty fleshlight

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Man’s horrifying masturbating incident will remind you to clean your Fleshlight