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These days everyone struggles to make ends meet. Now, some prospective clients ask about bartering or negotiating rates. When someone hears a on the phone, they contextualize it as an hourly rate. However, the reality is more complex. You found me online, on a website I pay monthly to keep, through one of many I buy. We ed a few times to assess compatibility I never charge for thisthen had a friendly 20 minute phone call also gratis to set up our first session. For comparison, how much is 20 hours a week of your time worth? I remodeled it, installed new flooring, put in a new bathroom, painted the walls, and brought the stairwell and exits up to code.

I have walls full of dungeon equipment. I have dozens of whips that cost a few hundred apiece. That TENS unit you want me to use? Between sessions I spend unpaid time cleaning and conditioning my leather equipment and vinyl surfaces so everything looks professional and lasts longer.

My toys are an investment, and I treat them as such. The other cost of self-employment? I have no sick days, no k, and prior to ObamaCare I struggled to find a health insurer that would accept me. I pay social security and taxes like everyone else.

When I broke my arm, I was lucky to have health insurance. As a result, the tribute I receive for sessions has to include a small amount for emergency savings. When I see a doctor, I want the one specialized in treating my health problem. When I need a contractor, I hire someone with years of experience. When I pay a massage therapist and trust them to touch my body, I seek out someone certified to do their job. Professional dominance is no different. Why would you trust your health and safety to a discount dominatrix?

Why pay for professional BDSM when there are so many lifestyle players? Conversely, lifestyle friends question the payoffs of going pro and can resent that pros get paid to do what they do for free. So, why pay a pro? Discretion is the primary reason clients seek my services. They bear huge responsibilities in their professional lives, and worry their image would be compromised if their charges knew about their submission. Although social acceptance of kinky activities is growing, thanks to popular media like Fifty Shades of Greywe still have a long way to go towards becoming a non-judgmental society.

My clients fit in two : men over fifty grew up believing they were alone in their erotic tastes, during an era when they were more likely to see bondage on Batman TV shows than in Hustler magazine. They contented themselves in mediocre marriages with lovely women who never knew about their fantasies. Why would a man risk rejection by telling his wife he was into such weird things?

Younger men are the second category. They were raised in an era of computer technology and internet access. By the time they were in college, search engines were popping up, digital porn was more diverse, and communities of kinky people could be found online.

Today, men in their twenties never doubt whether domme websites people like to be spanked, dress in latex, or be domme websites what to do. While some of my younger clients have BDSM experience with girlfriends, others are concerned that their fetishes are too extreme for their partners.

All of my clients seek the emotional ease that comes from a professional session. They deserve to have their needs met without judgment. Emotional safety and physical safety are equally important. Prospective clients should ask questions about safety and risk. Here are standards to keep in mind: a professional will clean her reusable equipment i.

She will have disposable equipment for medical scenes or activities involving bodily fluids. Ropes will be laundered. Her dungeon should be clean domme websites to eat off it! Novices often p domme websites can play with their partners risk-free, emulating unsafe activities they read about or saw in movies.

I welcome couples for training, as domme websites other professionals. New clients often comment on the quantity and variety of my equipment. Like most people in the lifestyle, I began with my core kinks, learned about the activities I enjoyed most, and slowly expanded my net.

Pursuing BDSM at the professional level and as a dissertation research topic enabled me to put more time and energy into my skill set. During the early years, clients were a learning experience. I was exposed to a wider variety of activities than I domme websites have explored with one partner. I was upfront with clients when they asked me about new things, honest about my expertise or lack thereof, and studied activities they brought to the table. BDSM is expensive, and a professional dominatrix invests her earnings into her equipment.

Clients are often shocked to learn that electrical toys cost hundreds apiece. Professional dominants charge for their time because it costs them to stay in business. Maintaining a private facility in a safe neighborhood with discreet parking is an expensive venture. Dungeon furniture is custom built or shipped from a small of deers. ProDommes maintain a wardrobe to appease various fetishists: latex, leather, corsets, heels, etc.

I hear stories about wives who are also submissive, so neither partner is dominant. The wife wants the husband to be Christian Grey, and the husband wants the wife to be Ilsa of the SS. Their desires are fun, but incompatible. Alternately, some clients have compatible desires with their partner, and dabble in kinky play.

Then reality sets in: schedules are busy, kids need tending, and life interferes. While BDSM may not be a priority for one partner, the other partner has a higher need. In this situation, the client benefits from the availability of a professional. An experienced professional blends nuances learned from years of practice. When a novice comes through my door, I hone in on their desires, picking up cues in words and body language.

Attention to detail comes from a passion for kink and a desire to understand people. Clients are paying for a higher level of kink because they value experiences obtained through a professional. Professionalism shows in her dungeon facility, range of equipment, and expertise. Her commitment to BDSM and the art of dominance ensure a positive experience for a discerning client. So if you can have some healthy non-refrigerated snacks and water in your room that will help your health a lot.

Plan ahead for meals if possible and make a reservation. Stay Hydrated! Most people are attending to have lots of photo ops. Come to learn and focus on that. If you want to be a part of the Mistress photo, be there on time! Be there at 5 sharp or miss it. Plan ahead! Bring appropriate cover-ups to wear in public spaces.

Respect the hotel staff and the other guests. They need to make a living as well! Sessions are an excellent way to pay for your trip, with plenty of potential clients who attend DomCon too — Other than ProDommes, DomCon is full of men who attend to MEET their favorite Dommes and have a chance to play with traveling professionals. Domme websites, having a mix of pre-scheduled sessions as well as being open to spontaneous booking will make for the most profitable approach.

Way to break those bullshit stereotypes ladies! Because it will seriously backfire. Not all submissives are YOUR submissive. Keep your hands to yourself. No means no. Do NOT mistake politeness for submission. Con-Drop is a real thing, so look out for it. Networking is most effective if you follow up within weeks.

Follow on social media, send a quick just to get the conversations started and see how your network can grow with consistent communication. While we all might know each other online, actually meeting one another is great for connections and networking. Be open to the differences in our styles and personalities. Also, patience when engaging in conversation with a group of us will gain you respect.

Barreling into things like domme websites bull in China shop will not. I personally think DomCon is one of the best venues meeting other Mistresses from all over the world, and where else will you be able to share and learn from so many well-established Female Domination professionals? Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that is there. My first two years, I spent a lot of time hiding in the shadows because I was afraid of approaching a lot of people I followed online. Almost everyone will be receptive so long as you are polite and respectful.

Your feet will hurt, book a foot fetish session Saturday so you can make it to the Ball and through the weekend.

Domme websites

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