Dropbox modded kik

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Rab Start date Jul 15, Search This thread Search This thread. This thread. Rab Member. Oct 29, 19 I have been working on this kik for awhile from now.

Dropbox modded kik

Our mod is based on Pikek with some extra features. Marquee Names - If the name of a user or group is long enough, the name will scroll. Hide Dividers - Chat Dividers will be hidden from the main conversations screen. Custom Hint - Changes the text that appears in the text input on a dropbox modded kik screen. Text Size - Changes the font size of the chat. Note: it doesn't adjust the bubble size very well. Text Font - Changes the font of the chat. Bubble Opacity - Changes how visible the chat bubble is. Incoming Shape - Changes the shape of the chat bubble for messages you receive.

Outgoing Shape - Changes the shape of the chat bubble for messages you send. Incoming Bubble Color - Changes the color of the chat bubble for messages you receive. Incoming Text Color - Changes the color of the text for messages you receive. Outgoing Text Color - Changes the color of the text for messages you send. Theme Hex - Enter a custom Hex Color to use as the app's main color. Light Hex - Switches a custom theme's text color to black.

Enable Hex - Enables a custom theme based on what is entered in Theme Hex. Note: Devices on Lollipop or higher may experience a bug on the conversations screen. If this occurs, turn off 'Enable Hex' then set the theme color to 'Clear. Enable Background - Enables the selected Custom background. Note: The auto send bug from Pikik is fixed! No Save - When someone receives media image or video from you, the option to save it will be disabled.

Auto Loop - When someone receives a video from you, it will automatically repeat start from the beginning again after the video is over. Auto Mute - When someone receives a video dropbox modded kik you, it will be muted by default. Note: They can still unmute the video if they choose to. Auto Play - When someone receives media a video from you, it will start playing automatically.

No Forward - When someone receives media image or video from you, the option to forward it will be disabled. Note: They can still save it unless No Save is enabled and send it to another group. Exact Timestamps - This show the exact time instead of approximations such as "a minute ago. It will make your messages appear to have been sent on December 31st, Note: It dropbox modded kik push your chat to the bottom of the receivers conversation list.

This means that you can make one chat PM or group see S-check sent receipts and another chat will not. This option applies the next two options to all chats regardless. To access the per-chat options, disable this option and go to the chat information screen for the chat you want to configure. This is the default behaviour for Kik Messenger.

Delievered: They will know their message was delievered D to your device. This would normally mean your device has received their message but you haven't opened it yet. Stealth: the other person will see that their message was sent S to Kik. This would normally mean your device is not turned on, connected to the Internet, you are ed out, or otherwise not able to receive messages. Save Per-Chat - This will save all per-chat options and they will persist through resets. This is useful for switching s periodically and maintaining your per-chat settings. Note: This does nothing to New Chats.

If you click the New Chats bar at the bottom, there will be a recycle bin icon at the top right.

Dropbox modded kik

Pressing that icon will remove all new chats. Mute all chats - This will mute forever all chats. Unmute all chats - This will unmute all chats. Mark all read - This will remove the blue dot on all chats, indicating there is no unread messages. Bug: Force closing after using this option will make it only temporary and the unread status will return upon reopening Pikek. Save - This will save a transcript to your SD card or internal storage.

When you use this option a toast will come up telling you the file path and file name.

Dropbox modded kik

Long Press Message Reply - this copies the message to the input text box and adds two new lines. Long Press Message Kick - This will kick the user from the group. Note: this option only shows up if the user is able to be kicked by you. Long Press Message Ban - This will ban the user from the group. Note: this option only shows up if the user is able to be banned by you.

Chat Info - If Global Settings are disabled, an option to toggle typing notifications and your preferred read receipt will appear. This is just for fun.

Dropbox modded kik

This option disables that. Note: You can still use Kik Codes while this is enabled. Open Tray - Normally after inserting one smiley, the tray closes. This keeps the tray open so that you can add more dropbox modded kik one smiley at a time in less time. This option prevents that as the expense of not being able to open legitimate Kik Cards. This option will prevent you from accidentally clicking one. Further, there can be issues with some URLs making Kik lag and crash. This will not happen if this option is not checked. Use Browser - Any parsed links will not be opened through Kik's browser, but instead through your device's default web browser.

Privacy Mode - This will make the preview on the conversation list screen always say " Do Not Disturb - Enabling this will leave any group you are added to. This is great for getting out of "Kik Jails" and leaving groups at night without worrying about being added back. This message is currently not changeable.

Clicking this will add the standard set of smileys to the options but they are gray instead of yellow. Note: clicking it more than once will add the ghost smileys to the options more than once. All Emoticons - Sometimes a user will lose the smileys they legitimately purchased with Kik Points and is left with no way to recover them.

Dropbox modded kik

By using this option you agree that you have legitimately purchased ALL smileys with Kik Points and you take full responsibility of ALL consequences resulting from the use of this option. Last edited: Jul 30, Reactions: KingTsukiyohikageAkoolive and 2 others.

Dropbox modded kik

Feb 14, No download link? Come get me donald trump. Click to expand Jan 12, Rab said:. Download Link is DayKek.

Dropbox modded kik Dropbox modded kik

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