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Under Pennsylvania law, the girls who took nudes and the boys who exposed them could both face criminal charges. They had dated for four years. Skip ! Story from Politics. Supposedly, a few of her male classmates had started a not-so-secret Dropboxand filled it with nude photos of girls in their class — and Madilyn was one of them. She says she discovered an entire folder dedicated to her, labeled with her name, and full of topless pictures she'd sent a boyfriend, when she was At Penn State this past March, members of Kappa Delta Rho fraternity were caught posting photos of passed out, naked and half-naked women to a Facebookwithout consent.

It became a national news story, and the fraternity was suspended for three years. But, just miles away, on a quiet, grassy campus, nestled in a Pennsylvania suburb, a group of boys were brewing an eerily similar scandal of their own — only these boys were in high school, and the girls in the pics they were sharing were teens, mostly under In the Dropbox link, Madilyn says, there were photos of dozens of girls in Madilyn's class.

Almost every girl had her own folder, labelled by first name. If there were multiple girls with the same name, a last initial was added for clarity. According to multiple students, there were girls with their faces showing, and other girls with full body shots. The system was quite simple: The boys involved would send dropbox nude photos photos from past or current sexts via hookups to a text messaging group, without consent from said ex-girlfriends or girlfriends.

The photos would then be added to the Dropbox. According to the students involved, the Dropbox started at the beginning of the school year. And, like all high school secrets, it became less and less of one as the year progressed. Not one student said they heard anyone telling others not to look. Madilyn received stares in the hallway, which made her feel as if everyone had. The next day at school, she left after first period. But, it didn't take me long to find out. A quick Twitter search put me in touch with Madilyn. She had been tweeting up a storm, and directing tweets at people who were condemning the girls for sending their photos in the first place.

She was not happy. However, the damage was already done, and her name is associated with dropbox nude photos photos. That same day, a boy in her class told her he was upset. Hynes, released his own statement to the mediaurging anyone with information to contact the school or authorities. Hynes and North Penn School District did not return repeated requests for comment. Dickinson, the Police Chief of Towamencin County, which includes North Penn, said in a phone interview this week that he can't comment much about the case. Almost three months later, the investigation is still open and underway by the DA office, because the suspects involved fall under the jurisdiction of multiple districts.

Dickinson was unable to comment on whether any students were pressing charges, or what would happen to the suspects if evidence directly linked them to the Dropbox. But under PA lawthe girls who took nudes, and the boys who exposed them, could both face criminal charges. According to PA law, the Dropbox victims could be legally charged with misdemeanors, or perhaps class III felonies, even though they never consented to the distribution of their photos the lawyers we spoke to said it's very unlikely any prosecutor would go after the girls.

When I tried to reach out to at least five boys allegedly tied to the Dropbox, all but one ignored me. One, who was rumored to have been the creator, did call the I left in a Facebook message. Amy Hasinoff, author of Sexting Panicand an assistant professor of Communication, University of Colorado Denver, says sharing naked pics is nothing new. When she confronted him about it, he did not confirm nor deny. She said another one of her classmates had sent 40 photos of his ex-girlfriend they had dated for four years to the Dropbox.

One of the boys involved allegedly boosted about not getting caught in the hallways. Madilyn's experiences with the boys supposedly involved reflects that mindset. She found it baffling that the boy she had become friendly with in math class could do something so disrespectful. Not everyone sees it that way, however. Females want to get intimate with whomever they choose, and that is their decision.

I will tell you that males can be awfully crumby sometimes. This is just what happens when you pass along a piece of yourself to a boy who just is not emotionally, mentally, or morally strong enough to handle not sharing that with his mates.

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Dropbox nude photos

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Dropbox removes folder containing explicit photos of female service members