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I guess it started back during my six years in the forces. Walking past a barbers shop in Turkey, Tom bet me that I would never be able to shave myself using the cut throat razor that the proprietor of the establishment in question wielded so effortlessly. I told him that I would have it nailed in two weeks and that I would even be able to do it without cutting my face in that time.

Of course we had been drinking or I never would have accepted the challenge but, a bet is a bet. Later that day I bought the razor that has done me proud ever since and the leather strop for sharpening it to an edge that could divide the soul from the intellect. In fact I took to it far more easily than I expected and within a week I collected fifty pounds, a not inconsiderable sum to myself in those days.

Fast forward several years and I am working as a psychiatric nurse, have my own place with a lodger, Eileen with benefits. Her mum approved of me and thought we should get married so I accompanied Eileen on some of her visits to her mum and even helped out with some of her care at times. After these visits Eileen would drink. It started off innocently enough, just one or two glasses of wine and then I would hold her while she sobbed her heart out.

After a while however erotic shaving stories increased to the point where she was drinking more than my old forces buddies could manage and that is saying something. One day, I had put her to bed, when she had passed out, I was up all night watching her in case she should vomit and choke on her own sick. She knew it had been a bet that got me into using the razor in the first place. However, inevitably after one particularly harrowing visit, she passed out again.

I put her to bed with a couple of thick towels under her bottom and got out my shaving kit. It did not even feel particularly sexual, an inert body, even naked does not excite me. After thoroughly washing the area and lathering up a few swift strokes and it was done. I allowed myself a smile as I wondered what the different reactions would have been had I tried to do the same thing when doing my general nursing training instead of using the safety razors provided? I had once shaved a woman before a caesarian section and I had shaved maybe half a dozen men before different operations.

I rubbed some massage oil into the area and then once I was sure Eileen was safe I went off to get some sleep myself. Eileen hardly spoke to me that day as she struggled with working out what she felt about my actions. She had talked about trying waxing after a boyfriend had talked to her about how sexy he thought it would be but never had the courage erotic shaving stories go through with it. Another 48 hours later we had some of the hottest sex since we first met. Now if Eileen had had an impressive bush, the locks on her head were luxurious.

All her girlfriends envied here her shining red locks which reached down to her ass. Fast forward another few years and I have taken early retirement but to pay the mortgage am doing some work as a massage practitioner and aromatherapist, mostly with people I know or their friends.

Only a few clients come from the advertising after the first couple of years, most are from word of mouth if you are any good. Eileen had a place of her own but was using my place for her fortieth birthday party as it had a bit more space than hers. Both ended up in the nick after they left hospital and both were ex-boyfriends of their respective partners.

Eileen and I tried to find some suitable partners for the party but out of the single men we knew, a couple were gay, two just unable to make the date and as for the others, well there were good reasons they were single. So, on the night in question it was myself and five girls. Not that I was expecting any action except from Eileen after everyone else had left or gone to bed. I had enough space to put everyone up if needs be. I am a more than adequate cook but on this occasion I excelled myself. Everything seemed to go just right. I made the cake over a month in advance and got a friend with a steadier erotic shaving stories than myself to ice it.

I know some would have objected to this but the gamble paid off. All seemed to particularly relish the home made gooseberry wine. Well the Romans used the hairy grape to make wine in Britain so why not follow the tradition? With the Pork,roasted over the top of an assortment of vegetables for four hours, we had a twelve year old bottle of St Emmillon. And to accompany the cake which was decidedly sozzled itself I opened the last but one bottle of my blackcurrant mead. This was made with a yeast that can ferment up to twenty-five per cent alcohol by volume and so was up to the strength of fortified wines like port.

This leaves rather more for the room than is needed but when it gets too hot, I just open the doors to let the heat out to the rest of the house. As we entered, I realised that I had forgotten to open the doors while we ate and while not up to sauna temperatures, it was certainly warmer than some of our were dressed for! Fi was short with close cropped black hair and carried a little fat around her belly in a way that drew at least the male eyes to it rather erotic shaving stories making them look away and dismiss her.

By the time we were seated on the three sofas grouped around the wood stove, everyone had removed at least one item of clothing and I was pretty certain that neither Tina nor Fiona were wearing bras. Not that I was complaining. As we chatted, with Carmina Burana playing in in the background, Liz asked if I had any more of the mead. When I had done so she came up with her suggestion which was to initiate, yet another career for erotic shaving stories.

We all knew each other well enough that we could be trusted not to push things beyond what anyone was if not comfortable, at least not completely opposed to and soon everyone had agreed. I suspect that some of the girls had planned this in advance but I doubt if I would ever get them to admit it and so have never broached the subject.

Tina picked up the first mead bottle, tipped it to her lips to drain the last dregs from it and spun the bottle. It ended up pointing at myself. For dares, we spin the bottle twice and unless it lands on the same person a second time the dare is done between the two people. Every five spins, everyone removes an item of clothing. What happens tonight, never goes beyond the six of us.

Any cheating or breaking the rules, you have to remove an extra item of clothing or if naked do an extra dare. No playing with yourself unless it is part of a dare. No sneaking off to the bathroom to masturbate. A guy knows when not to argue, besides erotic shaving stories room was hot, even with the doors open to the rest of the house. Lifting her small perky breasts up with her palms, she grinned at me.

She did not seem drunk however. As it happened Fi was the next one to have the bottle point at her. Fi had been barefoot since she came into the house and stood up to slowly shimmy out of her jeans, her undies, the lace pattern of which seemed to consist of more gaps than cotton showed a distinct damp patch and also showed a thick mass of black pubic hair. I slipped a hand inside my trousers to adjust myself. Again the bottle spun and this time it pointed at myself. In seconds I was devoting my whole attention to the task in hand, licking, sucking and gently biting one nipple while my left hand was playing with the other.

The trousers! Again the empty bottle rotated, pointing this time at Sarah. It was the fifth spin so we all had to remove an item of clothing. Fi and I were now naked, Sarah and Tina, both braless to start with were now topless, Liz and Eileen removed their tops to reveal bras that were deed to display rather than hide the wares they contained.

I have never been particularly worried about showing off my body but I was very aware of my flagpole waving around and as desperate for some relief as Fiona seemed to be. I know they can be just as dangerous but I trust herbs more than I do straight medicine and while this stuff might taste vile for a few seconds and it might not give me the twelve hours straight, excuse the pun that some claimed for Viagara, it was good for half a dozen good fucks over and above the two or three that was normally all I could manage.

Liz eased her way out of her skin tight jeans and then removed her lace knickers to allow me access to her pleasure centre. At the same erotic shaving stories my hands were exploring her body, pulling her ass cheeks apart in time with my tongue movements. I fought to concentrate on what I was doing rather than just let my self explode in a couple of minutes which while enjoyable would have taken away the competitive edge that was adding to my hardness.

I attacked it with a vigour, licking, sucking and gently using my teeth before returning brifly to her inner lips. As my teeth took hold of her clitoris for about the fifth time, I was rewarded with a shuddering gasp as her pussy muscles went into spasm. I was rewarded with some of the best pussy nectar I have tasted. Liz was in action again for the next dare, this time with Tina and they had to finger each other until they had both reached orgasm. First Tina removed her black knickers from under her very short micro-skirt. Watching the fingers moving in erotic shaving stories out of their respective hairy cunts made it difficult for me not to start playing with myself.

The bottle pointed at myself and I began to wonder if Liz was good enough at judging the spin to control who it ended up pointing at. That shaving had become a regular thing once Eileen got over her hump with me after the first time. I did it the easy way, pulling the straps over her arms and then pulling the bra off her tits and over her head, lingering a little on the hard nipples topping her firm A cup breasts.

Another two and a half revolutions and Fi was asked to sit on my lap with my prick inside her for 10 minutes without either of us thrusting at all. I asked if she wanted me to use a condom. I want to feel you. She then climbed into my lap and started to ease herself down. Meanwhile, Fiona was flexing her internal muscles to work on my prick. I flexed some muscles of my own in response to her massage of my cock. I sucked hard on the other nipple, pinching the one my mouth had just left with the fingers of my right hand. Liz did not make me wait outside while she urinated and when she had done so, she cleaned my cock with her mouth.

We then washed each other with a wash cloth and by the time we had finished, I was hard again. Just in case, I put ten drops of the herbal tincture I had into a glass of water and drank it, grimacing against the taste. By the time we returned to the living room, everyone else was also naked and we all agreed, that maybe we should all just have fun with each other as it seemed no one was refusing any dares anyway.

Two spins later and Liz was lying down with d towel under her bum and I was working her bush up into a mass of lather. It was only after I had done that I got up to grab the razor. There were audible gasps from all except Eileen when they saw what I had in my hand. The next spin, I knew was fixed, this time it was myself and Tina, again the razor was in action. Tina had a magnificent thick black bush which extended either side of her obviously wet slit and even her perineum was covered in hair.

I filled another bowl with piping hot water and put a kettle on top of the woodstove to top it up once I had thoroughly soaped up all of her hair.

Erotic shaving stories

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