Exhibitionst definition

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In psychiatry, an exhibitionist is someone who has a compulsion to exhibit, or display, their genitals in public. Exhibitionist can also be used in nonclinical, everyday speech to refer to a show-off or a person who overshares. A popular slang term for exhibitionist is flasher, but keep in mind that a person diagnosed as an exhibitionist has a clinical disorder. Example: She called him an exhibitionst definition for his tendency to share too much personal information at parties. Exhibitionist is first recorded in the early s for a person who takes part in an exhibition, or a public performance or art showing.

Artists, especially painters and sculptors, exhibit their artwork at galleries for people to view—and buy. Companies also exhibit new products at special conventions, and academics, their research at conferences. What are some other forms of exhibitionist? Two important notes in exhibitionist in the context of psychiatry and justice:. That said, exhibitionist is sometimes more loosely used to refer to people who privately and consensually display their private parts. The label exhibitionist is also used more generally for someone who puts themselves on public display, especially in a showy, revealing, or uncomfortable way.

The sexy exhibitionist couple across the street who always keep their blinds open have just moved out. Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. He left a notebook by the display for people to write comments and I wrote "get a job". Craftsmanship is a conversation. A give and take happens here that, if done well, in a piece of art that is as beautiful as it is functional. Is exhibitionist used appropriately in the following sentence? New Word List Word List. Save This Word! The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo.

Take the quiz! Words nearby exhibitionist exhibitexhibitionst definitionexhibitionerexhibition gameexhibitionismexhibitionistexhibition killingexhibitiveexhibitorexhibitoryexhilarant. What does exhibitionist mean? Exhibitionst definition does exhibitionist come from?

Did you know How is exhibitionist used in real life? Two important notes in exhibitionist in the context of psychiatry and justice: An exhibitionist is a person with a real clinical disorder. The act of exhibitionism is a form of sexual assault and a crime.

He left a notebook by the display for people to write comments and I wrote "get a job" — Reluctant Exister IriathZhul September 11, Craftsmanship is a conversation. Try using exhibitionist! My best friend is a real exhibitionist; she makes new friends so easily! Words related to exhibitionist pervertbraggartflashergrandstanderflaunter.

Exhibitionst definition

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Medical Definition of Exhibitionism