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Its unique selling point is built into iMessage on every iPhone, you know? You just have to turn it on in Settings and ask your friends to turn it on. You mention Android statistics first. Where did I put my Windows Phone? I also learned that Kik is available in 12 languages and has million registered users worldwide. I mean, why is it so popular?

Am I texting my mom or using a f kik cipher to hack into the mainframe at Fort Knox? A little further investigation and analysis was in order. First, Kik seems like its an app that kids and people with Android phones use. Donald Duck is not funny. Second, Todd is telling me that the people who use Kik really like it because they can see when someone has read f kik message.

And third, I began asking myself a list of questions about where the app came from. Who built it and why? Without the access to both devices and the passwords to both, not even Apple or the National Security Agency can read those messages. Seriously, who is the third party that built this poorly-deed app with a crappy logo that is handling billions of messages between millions of users, many of whom seem to be very young?

I was not at all pleased with f kik I found. In fact, the more I learned the more infuriated I became. I get wound up pretty easily about stupid things. Among the myriad of ongoing initiatives they have, one is the Secure Messaging Scorecard.

This project has closely examined 39 different messaging services and scored them on seven different criteria. Kik Messenger scored satisfactorily on only one of the seven points, making it one of the absolute least secure ways to communicate with your smartphone. They found Kik to be less secure than even Snapchat, Facebook Chat and WhatsApp, none of which have have reputations for being ironclad vaults of data.

The CBC reported in that police across Canada had received complaints about automated messages being sent to Kik users. This apparently has been happening on a wholesale level, affecting millions of users, many of whom are minors.

If the user responds — as many do in order to find out who messaged them — they can be asked to send sexually explicit messages or they will be the unwitting recipient of endless marketing messages. Global News noted that and year-old children using the app had received unsolicited inappropriate messages and images.

Good move, square, go tell your parents! S o who built this magical, leaky, high-tech information sieve? Have a seat for this. I see. The University of Waterloo is in Ontario, hence all the noted outrage from the police and child-protection groups in Canada. I hate how other apps choose people for me to talk to. I thought they spoke English in Ontario. India pharmacy now BEST deal price today. Like that kind of cool content? WhatsApp has million users and was purchased by Facebook. You enjoy quality products and pleasant user experiences.

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F kik

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