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Fap Titans is an adult in-browser freemium game, that most closely resembles a hentai or anime-style RPG blended with an idle clicker. Your objective is to recruit attractive babes to help you fight off ugly monsters. To start, you learn how to fight — essentially clicking on monsters until they die. In this way, the game has a definitely flavor of the faptitans game idle clicker genre of games. This increases your damage output as you fight, and allows you to upgrade these heroes as they fight alongside you, getting more powerful attacks and such as you go along. You get gold as a reward for killing off the monsters that the game presents.

This is the currency of the game, and is faptitans game to buy heroes and level them up. Combined, these are the two main stats determining how fast monsters die, either while you actively click or passively let the game go on. ing up also provides various boosts to passive bonuses, such as increasing the drop rate of gold from killing monsters, tickets more on that laterand DPC damage per click. These fights are timed, and you have to defeat the boss get their HP to 0 before the timer runs out. As you go along, you also get quests, to level up a certain amount of times, defeat certain s of monsters, and so on.

These quests offer various rewards of in-game items, currency, and other resources that are useful for your progression. The boss chests contain illustrated sexy pictures on different topics and of sex acts and similar.

You want to collect all of these, for finishing a collection in each category opens up access to new heroes, as well as other rewards. You can open boss chests for free, or with a combination of tickets and diamonds. There are also other resources, things called SuperHeroes, various other kinds of chests, and a lot more to the game to keep things progressing and interesting. This further spurs you to keep playing and level up a bit more. Important to note is that there is no sound with this game — neither background music nor audio of any kind. The game is very fast-paced, even without buying any kind of items or resources for real money at the start of the game.

It can almost be a bit too fast. This is not a fault, it means the game is deed to last for quite awhile, with monsters increasing in power as you level up and your heroes increase in their power. At first, the adult content aspect of the game seems kind of limited. The pictures that you earn from boss chests are anime-style stills of explicit sex action in the category of the picture — anal, bukkake, etc. The adult content and interaction essentially increases as you go on.

Therefore, it should run fine on almost any computer from the last 20 years. We tested it on a Windows 10 machine and a Windows 7 machine, in Chrome, Edge, and Opera, without issues. The game is available in English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, with the language changeable via a toggle in the game. Occasionally, the game may run into errors, but it tells you about the error, and simply asks you to reload.

There are a host of different things available for purchase in the in-game store, including:. And, like most games, limited-time Starter Packages are available, which provide a great value over the regular store prices, to help get you started in the game faptitans game the right foot. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of one of these Starter Packages if you intend to play the game long-term, as they offer the best value for your money. Whether or not you spend money on items and upgrades is up to you, but we highly recommend trying out this game — you might be surprised how long you find yourself playing it!

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Faptitans game

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