Female exhibitionism stories

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I begin to fulfill my wife's fantasy of becoming an Embarrassed Nude Female. Friday Afternoon I came home from work to find my wife upstairs in our bedroom, where she was sitting cross-legged with her laptop on the bed in front female exhibitionism stories her. I smiled as I entered the room. It was unusual for my wife to be sitting here instead of the living room downstairs.

I frowned a little as I took off Read On. I then took her to the beach to expose her to the elements and finally I had tricked her into walking through a valet office totally naked. My wife was always very conservative when we were around home or people we knew. Though the first 10 years of our marriage, she got more and more daring in the way she dressed when we were away on vacation until this one trip that sent her over the edge of extreme exhibitionism.

We had booked A young male teacher ends up with a female student as his university housemate for the summer. I decided to take a full female exhibitionism stories of courses, so I did not want to be distracted by cooking or other tasks. It got us both so turned on having her show herself off in public to a stranger that we decided to go back and do it again.

With the sun shining last weekend we took the opportunity to go back to the same car park with Jan dressed in a little summer dress, white bra The story begins in Italy, where my wife Danielle and I were on a one week holiday at a small coastal village.

We had both been very busy with our work lives, and we'd decided that we needed some time together for some fun. Danielle is around five foot eight inches tall, with a slim but curvy figure that some people would call 'hour-glass'. She has a good round ass, and amazing breasts One of the many things I love about my wife is that she is an exhibitionist at heart. That doesn't mean she wanders around the High Street in the nude or that she sheds her clothes off anywhere for every man she meets, although that might be fun.

It means that she loves being a bit carefree and daring; stripping off to enjoying the feeling of the warm sun on her naked body and the sensation My exhibitionist side, along with my love of crossdressing, prove to be a great combination.

As much as I enjoy the sexual adventure that cross dressing provides me, I think my exhibitionist tendencies take it up a just a bit higher. Contrary to the promises of another meet by Officer Friendly and his wonderfully endowed friend it had been months since they had had their way with me. The lack of attention and the increasing darkness due to the approaching winter had me taking Mom is all over the board doing son's female teacher and reporter as well. And if you can believe it…I was also up early that next morning, showering, shaving, and doing all the right things to make myself look beautiful as ever for Cynthia while her son began to prepare himself for the next chapter in his life.

I cared about me. I cared about my long overdue needs. I simply cared about all the overdue cum which had built It was such a shock to me when I was on a weekend away with my boyfriend Eric and a friend of mine, Tania. It was mid-afternoon and we had just returned from an eight-kilometer run. I was getting a glass of water to drink in the kitchen and Eric was sitting in the lounge watching TV. In walked Tania, from the bathroom, wearing only her black spandex halter top she wore for jogging.

In her When my husband and I first started dating, he knew right off that I was an exhibitionist. It was something I decided to tell him right off, because my relationship before him had female exhibitionism stories because he couldn't handle a girl who wanted the things I did. Surprisingly, my husband was completely cool with it. I still remember the first time we ever had sex.

He had it all set up, he had packed up My exploration into public nudity started in my teens. I had several siblings and we female exhibitionism stories a bedroom until some of them started to move away, so privacy had been something of an issue when I discovered sex. I lived in a Midwest suburbia, but like many newer subdivisions it bordered on rural lands with small forests and fields. So often I would sneak off to the woods to masturbate, finding a One day a female employee confesses her attraction to her female boss, sort of anyway.

Sometimes you feel a certain way about your superiors. Usually you love them or hate them, but my female boss was something special I think. She was nice, but not too nice. She is 5'9 with brown hair and eyes. She had a very nice body too, with nice C-cups boobs, so she is very sexy for being I've had her for a It was early on in their relationship, and Dave was staying over at Lexi's place for the week. It was Friday night and they'd spent the evening at the local pub, just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. They were both tired and headed to bed earlier than normal.

Dave hit the shower while Lexi got into her pajamas and crawled under the covers. The lights were off when he returned It's red and gold and very tight. She wears nothing underneath and I gasp when I first see her, when I see how the metallic fabric was rough on her bare breast and how it makes them stand out. Immediately I let out a noise and went to her, my arms outstretched and my hands go right to her hard boobs, textured by the dress. She presses her breasts T here is a knock at the door.

You are exactly on time, down to the minute. As expected. I let you wait a short while, thinking of how the anticipation must be affecting you - as it is affecting me. I open the door and smile at you, taking in your beauty. For a moment it is tender as I gently grab your hand and lead you inside.

As the lock on the door clicks into place behind you, though, I I can't help it" I replied, and smiled down at her. She is wearing running shorts, which show off her tanned and toned legs, and female exhibitionism stories tight t-shirt. I look down at her boobs, D cups Susan was forever changed by our naughty honeymoon. Going topless in Tahiti was very sexually exciting to Susan as she exposed her naked tits to strangers. It had always been my fantasy to have Susan go topless in public. What I didn't anticipate was that Susan would embrace her exhibitionist behavior and push the boundaries.

Her fantasy is now getting fucked by another man while I watch. The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Still completely naked, I got out of bed and opened the heavy curtain to let in the new daylight. I looked out the window admiring the nearly empty beach with the sunrise over the ocean. I could see that he was barely out of sleep as he lay on his back with the bed I lay in bed, laptop on my lap. It was my day off and I planned to make the most of it. I logged on to one of my favorite sites for a while, catching up on the latest stories and reading a few I had bookmarked.

Female exhibitionism stories

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