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Empty Closets. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Female Masturbation and Orgasm Thread Tools Thread Tools. MysteriousMadam Guest. Hey everyone, long time no see wow the year is zooming by fast! It's already May agh! I'd really prefer if only girls cis or trans, it doesn't matter read this and responded. I've never really asked anyone questions like what I'm going to ask, and I'm kind of embarrassed.

I really want only girls, who can kind of relate, see this. I mean, if you are a guy or if you indentify as a guy and you really want to answer with some great input, be my guest. Okay ladies I obviously don't do it every single time I'm stressed female masturbation forum.

I don't do it every single day and I don't think I've never masturbated more than twice in one day, but I do masturbate on a regular basis. Hey, I'm 15 and my hormones are racing, what can I say? Does that sound bad? Should I not masturbate, especially at this age? Is masturbation a bad or sacred thing that sound only be done on certain days or anything like that? I'm not religious so I would prefer if I got no religious answers on this question but if you really want to give a religious answer because it's what you believe, go ahead!

On my period though, I get really horny bad word choice, I know Is it bad to masturbate on your period? I don't know how to describe it, it's just like the peak where you feel the most pleasure. I'm assuming this is orgasm. Most of the time, I orgasm and it's definitely a heightened sexual feeling, but it's kind of quick and weak.

I read that guys have really quick, "explosive" orgasms while girls have orgasms that last longer and build up. Mine are usually like a guy's except, again, they're pretty weak. Recently though, Female masturbation forum orgasmed in a different position lying on my back, and I could feel it building up; I actually had to stop myself because it was getting really intense and I was getting so excited I started to lose my breath which actually freaked me out lol It took me a while to calm down after that, it was great.

A couple of questions from this one Why are some orgasms weak and others really strong? Why is that? I don't feel that at all, I've never felt that. Is that bad? I've never had sex before and I'd never given or received any form of oral or anal sex. But I do masturbate a lot. Am I still a virgin? Believe it or not, I've gotten conflicting answers on this. I just would like to know. I'd really rather not have that ability, it kind of strikes me as something that's kind of scary.

But again, I would just like to know. Alright, so there you go. I'm a weirdo I know, these are blunt and uncomfortable questions. Have a beautiful day. Kathyshy likes this. Imo these and more questions are completely legitimate to ask and answers should be much more easy to come by I'd simply stay with positive fantasies There are a few different kinds of orgasm: stimulation of the clit It can be stimulated with a finger, in a come hither motion, careful there A person usually has to be aroused, otherwise the gspot might not be felt much.

Connected with that, some people have a feeling to urinate Its completely natural and was well known in other cultures, there are very old tetxts saying so. Many describe those two orgasms as different. Many people like their breasts stimulated It depends on how aroused you are People are individual. Well its usually defined as having two people involved.

See 3. Most girls should have the potential. Sometimes stimulation of the gspot involves the release of old emotions It is completely okay for you to masturbate. Every day, multiple times a day, regularly or irregularly, it is normal and healthy, and you don't need to worry for a second.

It's fine to masturbate when you have your period. If you want to maybe wear latex gloves or something if you feel iffy about coming into contact with blood, you can do that. I don't think you're doing anything wrong. All orgasms are different, it depends on so many factors, and if they feel good to you, you're doing it right.

The time thing is totally normal too. If I'm really turned on beforehand I can finish in a minute, other times especially if I've already had an orgasm recently it can take much longer. I haven't heard the breasts thing. Virginity is about whether you've had sex with another person. Masturbation doesn't mean you've had sex or you're not a virgin. I've heard that most women have the ability to squirt if you really focus on G-spot stimulation.

I've never done it myself. I think you need to work at it to make it happen, so unless you really focus on your G-spot with toys and the likeit probably won't happen spontaneously. I've been with one girl who squirted, just with fingers, and it was actually kind of hot. Enjoy yourself. You're totally normal. Yes it's totally normal. I think I started touching myself and the like at Don't be embarrassed.

It's totally fine to masturbate on your period, though it's messy. I also tend to have a higher libido female masturbation forum my period, and a couple girls I know have noted the same thing. Don't worry about it. Happily carry on. There are different female masturbation forum of orgasms. Some come fast and small and some are long and much more powerful. I noticed that I'm more likely to have a small one by myself rather than with a partner.

That should be pretty normal. One time I made myself squirt within a minute. It just depends on how aroused you are and etc. I don't feel any changes to my breasts either. Maybe my nipples will get hard, but otherwise no. Not everyone experiences it the same, that's just a possible symptom. I would personally describe sex as any sort of sexual contact between two or more people, so I'd say you were a virgin. Squirting is essentially peeing, but pretty much involuntary.

It's not usually projectile either, but in expelling a lot of watery liquid. The women I've been with said they didn't and then with me discovered they did I promise it's not bad.

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