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I've seen these words thrown around and while I am familiar with the term Femboy, I'm not so much with the term Sissy, can anyone enlighten me please? Sissies are to femboys as drag queens are to crossdressers. Way more over the top in presentation and mindset. All sissies can be classified as femboys, but most femboys aren't sissies. Not going to pretend I'm an authority but a lot of sissies I've seen seem to be trans women, femboi sissy they wouldn't really be femboys then.

Both terms tend to have wildly varying connotations, depending on femboi sissy you ask and in what setting they are used. This is true even by the people that claim them as identities. For some people, femboy and sissy are interchangeable in meaning whereas for others sissy is a slur and femboy is value neutral. Also, in many NSFW contexts, both femboy and sissy have become fairly synonymous with fetish fashion, submission, humiliation and forced feminization. Outside of queer spaces, femboy has historically been used as an epithet to demean or humiliate in much the same way as sissy or tranny.

So it's wise to use sensitivity and discretion before invoking either word esp. AFAIK, sissies generally seek domination whereas femboys don't necessarily seek domination. Also, sissies are like femboys in drag--in other words, they overdo their femininity and their appearance of vulnerability. They might also present in a more childish manner. I dont think it has to do with anything childish lmao. Just domination. I'm a sissy, but I can also put on a very masculine look when I'm talking to females. Femboys are naturally feminine and a lot of them are straight, but still very girly.

I'm bi, and girly or manly whenever I choose to be. A sissy is more into degradation and being dominated, and they typically identify as a man, whereas a femboy is more likely to act androgynous or feminine in general. I just happen to be a very horny and submissive femboy. I've mostly seen Sissy used in the context of trans women in porn. A word to describe a boy who is "gender atypical" in respect to norms and expectations. It was considered the opposite version of tomboy, however, partly because of systemic misogyny, it is much more loaded and often carries the weight of an insult like pansy or fag.

A more neutral equivalent sometimes used to substitute this use of sissy is "tomgirl" or "janegirl". A kink that intersects male gender atypicality and erotic sadomasochism. The sissy kink also overlaps with chastity play. Sometimes sissyfication also eroticizes aspects of female physiology such as menstruation or pregnancy, as a of femboi sissy sissies being "robbed" or driven away of their "manhood" which also may or may not involve being degraded for it.

A femboy is a male usually young, hence boy in the label who is "gender femboi sissy, having a mix of appearance, behavIour and personality that aligns more to that which is expected on girls and women. A femboy would be a synonym of the first older use of sissy but not of the second. With the second there is an overlap, since you can have femboys that are kink sissies and femboys who are not.

A femboy is an empowering term, usually used to show a person ased male at birth throwing off the shackles of heteronormativity and who openly or just acceptingly enjoys feminine things. The difference used to be the Femboy was simply a genuine expression in being the opposite of a tomboy. But just google "Femboy" and see what comes up and you'll see why I don't femboi sissy think it means the same thing anymore and is just another fetish kink thing. The term Femboy got hijacked by the fetish and kink scene and now I personally just don't use that word to describe myself due to the bastardization of the term.

Im a femboy but have a sissy kink. Almost all my life i have been kind of a fighter since i was little i have been taught martial arts and i kind of always felt in control like i dont like to be fucked with but sometimes i kind of want to be told what to do submit to the feeling of being vulenarble and feel lust for the glory of satan ,loldo i make sense?

I would compare "sissy" vs "femboy" to "cuck" vs "non-mono" almost. A femboy can be a sissy and vice versa. But they are not the same, yet some shit people who don't know what they are talking about will often use one as an insult about the other. I am not entirely sure but personally I feel like the whole sissy thing is kinda sexual? And maybe an identity outside of maleness? I don't see my femininity as positive OR negative when it comes to sexual situations, it's just not relevant because it's a random part of my personality, not something I get off on.

ETA: I am generally a fairly sexual person and I have slept with people who are into my feminine aesthetic, but it alone is not a sexual thing for me. So yeah. What's the Difference between a Femboy and a Sissy? Sort by: best. Sissies are fetish based. As far as I know, the word sissy has two interpretations: A word to describe a boy who is "gender atypical" in respect to norms and expectations.

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Femboi sissy

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What's the Difference between a Femboy and a Sissy?