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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Mar 3, by anonymous views 12 comments. From the age of 10 years old I have had a fetish confessions, i have been ashamed of it my whole life but can't do anything about it, I have a fetish for having sex while the other is either asleep, unconscious, unaware, etc. And probably from reading this you are disgusted and if you are I don't recommend reading from here, if not feel free to continue. I am scared of myself when it comes to my overbearing fetish because It takes over my life, I wish I didn't have it but I do, from the age of 10 I started looking for it, I searched for it on YouTube me being new to the internet and from there is progressed, I always loved the idea of seeing something on someone with no clothes on without them realising, exposing someone and humiliating someone without realising, while I really do not endorse fetish confessions and disagree with it I like watching videos that could be real, I've never delved into the dark web as I have tried to keep it under control.

Because of this I have a huge fear of sleeping with people around me, I'm scared that my desires will happen to me and I can only sleep on my own or with my brothers, I've never been unconscious or fetish confessions anaesthetic but I am so scared of it it makes me cry, I am now 19 and have really tried my best to keep it under control but there are times I failed to do so.

I was 11 years old when I was curious enough, I had 3 other friends round one was a girl and while she slept I had a small look, I was nervous going into it as I am always aware of the risk if I get caught but she never woke up, to this day I take that secret with me to my grave. Fast forward a few years I have my first relationship with a girl and I did the same thing while sleeping with her, again she never noticed and never woke up, I wouldn't go any further not because of morals but the fear of them waking up, I have also done it in other consenting relationships all of which were sexually active and to this day I have never been caught, nor does anyone know.

As funny as it sounds I have even managed to turn myself on by pretending to expose myself. I feel like a sexual predator, it's like a drug you need to fuel the desire and while I've tried quitting it always seems to come back, mostly when I feel like I'm on my own, while I am a social person I am not quite with it like everyone else and I've never had a best friend until a few months ago, but I've had girlfriends to fill it's place, the idea of being somebody's top priority gives me a comfort I don't get often, and as times get lonely and I am stressed I turn to my addiction and fetish.

I have into this on Google to find that it progresses to necrophilia which when I read it scared me alot, I have no idea whether I would enjoy it because I have actively avoided it for that very reason, it's been so difficult trying to keep the fetish from controlling me and I have made a few moves, I sleep in the same room as my best mate now which is the first time I've done it and now it feels second nature, but no one else really has that for me, I'm even worried when it comes to my mum or dad or step parents, etc.

I've called myself a sexual predator because I think I am one and I want it to go but it won't, I feel like a bad person, while at 13 my friends talked about what porn they watched I pretended I didn't watch it because I didn't want to tell anyone anything, I did once to a mate of mine but he said it was messed up, to which i blagged my way out of it and he has long since forgotten that conversation. I'm way too embarrassed to go to any counsellor, I have technically sexually assaulted fetish confessions without them realising, and I don't want it taken any further, as people say "what people don't know doesn't hurt them" and I want it to stay that way.

I really appreciate anyone who has read to this point and don't think I should be in prison fetish confessions if anyone wants to ask me anything, maybe having the same problem or even any advice as to what I could maybe do about it I would really appreciate it, thank you. I'm the same way. I have done this with street boys. I dont consider my self a predator though. I did it with my ex but he hated it. The new one seems to like it.

Fetish confessions

So I'm sure you can find somoeone. That's not that strange. There's even somnophilia sites just for that fetish. It is so damn hot especially when women are into it also and set themselves up to fetish confessions taken advantage of. You are not alone. I do tha to my wife all the time.

Once every couple of months she'll go off on a bender with rum and Xanax and she ends up passing out and she won't wake up even if I try to wake her. I've fucked her more times than I can count when she's out of it like that.

Fetish confessions

I've even gone as far as to invite a couple of friends over and we stripped off all her clothes and used her as a fucktoy for the whole evening. I understand your fetish and I share it.

Fetish confessions

It's a lot of fun, but don't get caught. It's very erotic to have an unconscious and unaware chick there beside you and knowing that you can do absolutely anything you want with her and she will let you and not object to anything. No talking or bitching or saying she doesn't like that. She's just there and warm and available. You can use your imagination to the fullest. Experiment with ideas. Try things you have only thought about before. Bend her and shape her as you please. Take it slowly or get it done. Everything is up to you to decide what you want to do.

She's ready for anything. My step sister would do that around guys all fetish confessions time just to see if they would fuck with her. Give yourself some grace and enjoy it! I have this too. We could both for the explore this and not get any one hurt. My girlfriend has even admitted in hot dirty sex talk she wants me to do this with a stranger fucking her while out cold.

She wants me to tell her the next day.

Fetish confessions

me One2knowinkc1 at gmail. I'm the same as you. I love it when they are passed out! Really really passed out! Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. International Suicide Helplines. Is My Fetish Porn Induced? Rebooting Basics: Start Here. Truth About Porn - Research Studies. No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. Add post as: Anonymous.

Fetish confessions

RawConfessions user required. Admitting my fetish for the first time Posted Mar 3, by anonymous views 12 comments. Related Confessions. I just drank for the first time in three weeks and it feels as good as the first time. My mom admitted she was embarrassed of me during my high school graduation and I still think about it time to time. Right now I'm in the middle of a binge. I'm about to purposely puke myself for the first time. What should I expect? First time for me. Despite all of my mums efforts I was never happy and I still hurt myself from time to time, or being suicidal but I never admit it.

My boyfriend recently admitted he has a smoking fetish and as a non-smoker, I am not sure how to react. Boyfriend admitted he has a MILF fetish. This is the cause of our dead bedroom. Commented Mar 3, by anonymous I'm the same way. Reply 1. Commented Mar 3, by anonymous That's not that strange. Reply 0. Commented Mar 3, by anonymous I like it too. Commented Mar 3, by anonymous It is so damn hot especially when women are into it also and set themselves up to be taken advantage of.

Reply 2. Commented Mar 3, by anonymous You are not alone. Commented Mar 3, by anonymous It's very erotic to have fetish confessions unconscious and unaware chick there beside you and knowing that you can do absolutely anything you want with her and she will let fetish confessions and not object to anything. Commented Mar 4, by anonymous Dude! Commented Mar 4, by anonymous I'm the same as you.

Fetish confessions

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Admitting my fetish for the first time