Fetish medical

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Costumes are for people who need something to help them break free from the standards of accepted behavior. I am more into the mental aspect of it. My fascination goes back to growing up watching horror movies with doctors gone wrong strapping helpless damsels to examination tables to experiment on them. A cold and clinical humiliation. The humiliation of being exposed fetish medical a vulnerable state to someone they are not intimate with. The doctor breathes, the patient breathes.

In the kink scene, medical play came to be in professional dungeons amply equipped with stirrup-ready exam tables to accommodate this. I enjoy the use of such equipment at kink conventions or professional dungeons — this is not a kink that is the most practical in terms of daily life; without an examination table in my basement or a hospital bed in my room, in day to day life I often take more voyeuristic glee out of this kink.

Most of my female friends have recounted their tales of fetish medical to get breast exams or pap smears to me. It achieves almost the same effect as if I had been there. Acting out fetish medical scenes in the fetish medical world of Second Life sometimes serves as an ample substitute. Medical fetishes extend much further beyond the simple thrill of forced nudity. It offers a wide range of exploration. While things like latex gloves and objects heated or frozen to simulate the sensations of a real exam, there is much more room for adventure.

The Wartenberg wheel and speculum are two of the most common items, though if you are into it and experienced with needle play, it could certainly be injected into a medical scene. The climax to these scenes often builds into the patient receiving an enema or being masturbated. Many people have kinks involving skin stapling, rectal exams including prostate massage, and urological exams including catheterization.

The more advanced tools of the trade, like sounding rods and speculums, should only be used on another person if you know what you are doing. Medical play can go in more creative directions — the use of a straight jacket as a form of restraint can lead to an asylum-based scene, building to strapping the patient into a bathtub for hydrotherapy.

For that matter, medical play could also include being examined during an alien abduction, if you truly want to let the weird out. Then there is Abasiophilia, which is a fetishization of wheel chairs or impaired mobility, including the restriction of mobility with braces. Cupping was also a 19th century medical practice still used in some circles today, and has now become a fairly common bdsm activity. So your imagination is the limit here, though above all — stay safe, sane and consensual unless you have other arrangements made.

He is very passionate about horror movies, comic books, the occult and Morrisseythough David Bowie will live on in his heart forever. Are you ready for some more visual punishment? Every day they curate A Parisian photography studio Thank You! TOS and Privacy Policy. Connect with us. Hi, what are you looking for? I started this in my last instalment with a look at consensual non-consent. If you made it through my piece on consensual non-consentthen this is fairly vanilla. There is a power exchange, as the person taking the role of the medical professional is the dominant, and the submissive is the patient.

This plays into the vulnerability one experiences when seeking medical attention. Thanks to Hollywood, this kink is ingrained to some extent into our collective consciousness. Written By Wil Cifer. Share Tweet. You May Also Like. Sean Reveron July 8, Sean Reveron May 13, Meghan May 5, Meghan April 15,

Fetish medical

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