Fettish definition

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The word fetish is used in the context of some religions to refer to an object believed to have supernatural power or to contain a spirit, especially an object that has been created, such as a small carving or sculpture.

Practitioners of such religions mayuse fetishes during religious ceremonies or as fettish definition during other activities, such as hunting. They are treated with reverence due to the belief that they contain a spirit or have a special magical power. Based on this sense, fetish can also be used in a more general way to refer to something that is obsessed over or treated with devotion, as in a fetish for collecting fine wine. The word fetish is also commonly used to refer to nonsexual things or body parts that cause sexual arousal, as in I have a fetish for glasses.

The first records of the word fetish come from the early s. Not all religious objects are referred to as fetishes. This is especially the case for religions whose members do not believe that objects themselves contain spiritual power. In fact, some religions prohibit the use or treatment of objects in this way, referring to such practices as idolatry.

The sexual sense of the word fetish is commonly used in relation to personal sexual preferences and in the context of graphic sexual content. Fetishes thought to be particularly uncommon are sometimes fettish definition to as kinks. What are some other forms related to fetish?

The word fetish is most commonly used in a sexual context. What's up with the French maid fetish? Have you ever looked at a French person and went, "I bet that person knows how to clean". I make a fetish of trying to spend enough hours in bed that I virtually never have to wake up to an alarm clock.

Later, we learn that sexual fetish es develop for the new power, and that men are held to be particularly susceptible to sexual masochism and the longing to be shocked in bed.

Fettish definition

After all, in our cultural scripts, a fat partner is a failure at best, a shameful, pathological fetish at worst. Wurtz, from his solo show now at Metro Pictures in New York. Valle plunged to depths most of us cannot even imagine, via an Internet portal called Dark Fetish Network. Trichophilia: Hair Fetish Those that are sexually aroused by human hair are known as trichophiles.

Podophilia: Foot Fetish I was topless, sitting on a table barefoot stomping on bananas and yogurt. Capnolagnia: Smoking Fetish I hate the smell of cigarettes. The craft of the Fetish -man comes under none of the preceding. On this occasion, the king of the village and the staff of Fetish men connected with it, take part.

His Fetish was a wooden bowl behind which he squatted at the roide by way of adoration. The realization of abstractions was not the embodiment fettish definition a word, but the gradual disembodiment of a Fetish. His playful introduction showed him of Mystery, moved by Voices and inspired by a Fetish.

An object believed to carry a magical or spiritual force. Some so-called primitive tribes practice cult worship of fetishes. See animism see also animism and totemism.

Fettish definition

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Words nearby fetish feti-fetialfeticidefetidfetiparousfetishfetishismfetishizefetlockfeto-fetoglobulin. What is a fetish? Example: The shaman began the ceremony by placing the fetish on the altar. Where does fetish come from? Did you know …? How is fetish used in real life? Words related to fetish predilectionproclivitydesirepenchantprepossessionpropensityfixationbiaspartialitythingmaniaprejudicestimulantleaningpreoccupationcrazeluckamuletphylactery fettish definition, image. How to use fetish in a sentence I make a fetish of trying to spend enough hours in bed that I virtually never have to wake up to an alarm clock.

Such a pretty face Aubrey Gordon February 26, Vox. The Surprises of Life Georges Clemenceau. The Clansman Thomas Dixon. Derived forms of fetish fetish-like or fetich-likeadjective. Something, such as an object or nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment.

Fettish definition

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Fettish definition

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