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Believe it or not but there is a genuine market for women who are prepared to take and spend the money given to them by men often referred to by fellow fandoms as paypigs! The exchange is for behaving in a controlling and dominant way. Yes, financial domination is a real fetish and men and it is usually men want to be used and abused financially by powerful women. Though a sexual fetish, this kind of relationship rarely involves any physical contact or sexual services at all.

Its premise is simple: mutually beneficial arrangements. FinDom is one of the largest financial domination communities in the world with hundreds of members active at any given time. A form of humiliation, the relationship between the Dominant and their sub in financial domination can sometimes extend to other sexual practices which can include BDSM or other fetish play but is often more simply an exchange of power.

It can also happen in person with a submissive accompanying their findomme on shopping trips to physically witness their money being spent or meeting at an ATM to hand over cash. As with all fetishes, there is a sexual exchange happening here and the money slave will be aroused by their money being spent just as a findomme may become erotically charged by being worshipped in this way.

Financial domination can be between partners of any gender and sexuality but is most common between male subs and a female Dominatrix. The idea of having strangers pay you for being bossy, controlling, powerful and mean to them might appeal to many but the reality of the role is more than just taking but requires quite a lot of giving and effort in return. You need to be confident and assertive with a good understanding of the power dynamics involved in BDSM. The whole relationship is built on fantasy and roleplay and findommes need to be worthy of the worship they receive.

And this is a competitive field with the of findommes far outing those cash piggies. Secondly, not all financial domination occurs find paypigs or online and many findommes meet their subs for a variety of reasons. Some will incorporate elements find paypigs BDSM or other fetish play in their sessions with their subs and mete out physical and psychological rewards in return for money. It helps if you are someone who is naturally controlling and demanding as trying to fake the role of Domina can be mentally exhausting.

What you offer as a financial dominatrix is down to you and the relationship you build with your subs but these are just some of the ways that findommes interact with their cash piggies:. Many financial Dominas will also charge their subs in a more traditional way for sexting, phone and video calls as well as contact via other means.

However, one of the main ways in which findomme differs from any other kind of sex work is that the gift of money should primarily be offered with no expectation of any kind of reward. Viewed as an act of devotion, submissives are effectively offering financial homage. You should understand that the relationship between a findomme and their sub is a consensual one and the terms of their exchange are usually agreed in advance.

As you can see from the above, findom can take many different forms with some men being happy to be rinsed as a one-off whilst others fork out become regular pay-pigs. They may ask them to devise a budget for them so they only receive a modest stipend. Some may enjoy having money demanded from them unexpectedly whilst others want to be punished in return for not carrying out their demands. Every cash slave is different and their expectations may also change as a relationship develops. It is worth pointing out that some submissives ask for a contract or form of agreement up front as a way of protecting themselves against utter financial ruin.

This may suit some findommes but is not a common way of transacting business. If you are asked to enter into an agreement then be very careful about the wording of such terms. This one is pretty hard to answer as there are countless reports online of women who make tens of thousands of dollars every week to those who simply acknowledge that their lifestyles are entirely funded by their submissives. What we can say is that this seems to be one of the most lucrative ways to earn money yet, as with all kinds of sex work, there is a lot of hard work and commitment required in order to make it profitable.

Gifts are offered up by slaves to their findommes as a way of pleasing them and are paid for from a list of items which the Dominatrix has made available. This could be personal items she desires or simply gift cards for websites like Amazon. Tributes are an impulsive gift or demand of money made over and above any regular tithings or gifts. These can be made in exchange for something else like a Skype session or may just be a spur of the moment command from a findomme for money.

To understand your role as a findomme, it helps to understand more about the people who will become your human ATMs. Though mostly men, some women are also aroused by the idea of becoming a cash slave and both genders share some common traits which make them drawn to this fetish.

Financial submissives can often be powerful people at work who control find paypigs people and enjoy the freedom of being controlled by others in their personal lives. The primary motivation seems to be one of relinquishing their own power and authority by escaping into fantasy roleplay. We are largely a capitalist society and status is very much linked to physical goods and the value of the things we own.

By handing over this status, it becomes a very masochistic act and can be quite kinky for the sub. After find paypigs, this is a pretty taboo thing to do. Society expects us to earn money and spend it on ourselves so the very idea of giving it to someone else in this way is quite subversive. Many get a thrill out of sending large amounts of money and the more they give the larger the rush of adrenaline can be. It can be a risky exchange for them find paypigs there is fear tied into the process. They may also become sexually aroused by being abused, humiliated and controlled and financial domination may also be a form of BDSM for them.

The payment of tributes to their Domme becomes a way of earning attention and rewards with some cash piggies believing that paying to be noticed is the only way they can get women to acknowledge them. Tempting as it may be for some to simply drain the resources of sub after sub, there is a moral responsibility placed on all financial Find paypigs to understand the limitations of their clients.

Part of your job is to recognize and respect their financial vulnerabilities and not to ruthlessly exploit them. Saying no can be just as important as any other aspect of your role and knowing when to cut sessions short or turn your back is a crucial element of this kind of work. It is also your responsibility to understand that financial domination is a means of self-abuse and that there are risks involved with this kind of relationship, including:.

Believe it or not but the whole delicate balance of your relationship with your sub takes some degree of care and ensuring that they are okay is an important aspect of your role. Only through ethical domination can you truly build trust and this is a cornerstone of power relationships find paypigs the fetish world.

You will need to. If you want to be a financial dominatrix then you will need to establish yourself as one and this takes some effort and research. Whilst we would never suggest that you imitate others, researching how successful findommes have made a name for themselves is the most useful thing you can do with your time.

Check out the profiles of professional findommes and see how they have branded their own style as well as how they are reaching their audience through marketing see below. Think carefully about the kind of roleplay you are encouraging and make sure that you are consistent with your theme.

Are you a leather-boot, whip-wielding femdom bitch or are find paypigs an arrogant princess with an addiction to shopping? Until you build up a following and have established yourself in this competitive market you will need to make your profile and marketing stand out from the crowd. Fortunately for you, you are coming to the world of findom in an age where marketing your find paypigs services online is really easy and there are hundreds of ways to gain paypigs as followers.

Cam sites are a great place to find a large crowd in quick find paypigs. Twitter is another way and using a method of high quality, consistent Tweets with great images can build a good fan base. The most popular hashtags are findom, paypig and cashslave but there are hundreds more, so mix it up. Always post in a way that is consistent with your brand and these should reflect the most powerful and beautiful version of yourself that you can manage. As a dominatrix, you want to be untouchable.

Subs need a Domina who is worthy of their worship not their pity. Retweet s can also be a useful way to widen your audience so reach out to them and get to know other findoms who will share your content. It works both ways so make sure you are consistently sharing. You should think about having your own website where you can direct traffic from other social media s and this should have ways to contact you, details of your financial needs and links to any platforms you use that subs can find you on.

Whilst Twitter is far more adult-content friendly than other social media and networking sites they do still have rules. Even DMs can get flagged through the system so try to restrict your use of Twitter to a way of marketing but not for getting into proper communication with your subs. Snapchat is another great platform for self-promotion, with Premium Snapchat in particular serving as a great way to find paypigs money from paypig subscribers. You can also look at selling pics or homemade videos as an additional income stream.

Of course, there are some specialist platforms where you can advertise your services as a findomme and start looking for your own cash-piggies. Some of these are more geared to general BDSM or sugaring relationships but can also offer ways to match findommes with their cash slaves whilst others are more fetish specific. With over three million members, you should definitely check out Findom. However, you will need to choose a way to communicate with your subs and Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS are all viable alternatives to using a paid platform.

For obvious reasons, and to protect your privacy, it is recommended that you choose an anonymous way to reach out to your cash-piggies and many findommes use a separate and mobile for this reason. As in every form of sex work, there are a lot of timewasters out there so it is important to wheedle these out from the genuine potential subs early on.

The quickest way to do this in this game is to take their money. PayPal strictly forbids the use of its platform for the transaction of any payment for adult services and it is not recommended that you use them for your tributes. Some findommes use Amazon wish lists as a way of receiving money and accept Amazon gift cards but if you want to play for big money then you should definitely have an online with Paxum, Venmo, Verotel or even Bitcoin.

Is there as big a scene for gay Findom? I feel bad that no one answered you. Yes there is a market for anything, and men are rarer in this business so they can actually be seen as more of a unicorn. I say if you still want to try it, go for it. But be ready to put a lot of work in! There is definitely a market for men as well.

It may take a bit to be seen. I recommend taking foot pictures and divulging in other fetishes in your posts and tagging finsubwanted humanATM and the like as per usual along with tags pertaining to the fetishes. Ever wondered how to become a findom? Looking to find a paypig?! Perhaps becoming a financial dominatrix is for you. Want to jump straight in to the findom world? I have served men financially, it was very erotic.

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