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Click the image above to be taken to it on AVN Stars. Apparently, I want to be canceled by Findom Twitter and Reddit but time finsubs crackle my knuckles and head in. I am coming from a commercial perspective and yes I know some who do the practice outside of online but well. So that is how we will be framing ALL content. The person paying is straight up in charge. While you can walk away at any moment, so can they. This gives you some control over how you conduct your business but if you are for profit, then you have to keep your consumer in mind. If Bed Bath and Beyond ignored people a day asking for finsubs Strawberry Kiwi scented candle and told them all to fuck off… while some still may shop there, many would head over to Yankee Candles.

I once had a finsub who paid well but drove me absolutely bat shit crazy. Talking to him for 3 hours meant Finsubs would shut down and not want to talk to other clients after. He was draining but at the time, I was in a position where I felt I needed the money. I eventually pushed through the mental fatigue and put more lines in the water. I politely found him another Domme after that. I felt soo much better! I came up with replacements and finsubs along. He was in control.

During our sessions? Nope, not even then. A good performer knows how to work the crowd but that is what you are doing, working the crowd for their entertainment. The best entertainers derive pleasure from that though! They are paying for a service, I am then delivering said service. I know someone is going to get super offended by that notion. Nothing wrong with that and if anyone shames you for it, realize that four fingers point back at them. That is the crux of it all too. We have to remember not to drink our own Kool Aid. I have been accused of this before but the truth is, I always just was good at presenting that.

It was a character being played out, meanwhile I was nothing like that to people who knew me. I was busy making blog posts, content and analyzing my data. I was in my business, not allowing my persona to take a hold of me. It was about getting that green up. You must log in to finsubs a comment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Are Finsubs in Control? Yes, they are. September 7, Loading Comments


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