First spanking story

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Both of them being new to bondage had shared a couple of mild experience but were still in the awkward stage. This is the next step in their saga. Monica and Karen sipped on their wine as they discussed the new experience they had shared so far. Since Karen had first spanking story Monica tied in the garage see Helping her into Bondagethey had experimented with some light bondage. Karen still felt awkward about it, but although she was hesitant to even admit it to herself, had been turned on by having Monica under her control. Monica described how she felt when she was bound and how thankful she was to Karen for helping her live her fantasy.

Karen confessed that she enjoyed it and wanted to try more. There was a long awkward pause and then Monica quietly asked "Karen. If it isn't too much for you right now, do you think you could bring yourself to spank me? I have read stories where spanking is involved and I think I need to experience it.

Karen was a little taken aback and it took a few moments to answer. Monica squirmed in her seat afraid she had offended her friend. I suppose I could give it a try, but I don't know if. Oh what the heck.

First spanking story

Sure I can. But are you sure? Monica sat thinking for a second and then said, "No, I'm not sure, but the uncertainty is part of the turn on. The only way I will be sure is if I try it, and once won't kill first spanking story. I really appreciate you doing this for me and I hate to ask more of you, but would you mind if I am naked. I would really like to do this all the way, in case I never do it again. I know it is a lot to ask. Karen thought about it for a moment. That first time when she had found Monica, she had almost been naked. Although it had made her feel a first spanking story self conscious, it was not at all displeasing.

She was about to say that Bra and panties was as far as she could comfortably go, but her hesitation was leaving her and she said, "OK. When will we do this? Monica was so excited she could hardly talk, or was she so scared she could hardly talk. It was decided that Monica would be in the garage ready and waiting like she was found the first time. I will decide then. Monica was in the garage by She would not be late. Carefully she set everything up. The ropes were tied to the ceiling so her arms would be above her head and spread slightly.

She stripped out of her clothes, took her gag and tied it in place. She locked one wrist cuff to the ring on the one rope. She pulled the blindfold over her eyes and then slipped the lock for the other cuff through the ring. She must have stood there for 5 minutes before she took a deep breath and snapped the lock shut. This was it, now she could do nothing but wait. Standing there she suddenly thought "What will she spank me with?

She had a leather belt on her pants, there were old ping-pong paddles in a box in the corner, the bamboo plant stakes and of course, there would be Karen's hand. Please let her use her hand! Monica stood there in her darkness.

First spanking story

The suspense was terrible as the time dragged by. She only had about a half hour to wait till Karen arrived and she was sure that had passed long ago. Had something happened to her and she couldn't make it. Monica had not used a release so she was stuck there until someone found her. Her roommate was not due home until the next morning and fear filled her that it would be her that found her helpless. The thought of having to stand there all night was not near as terrifying as the thought of being found by her. It was a little after 3 and Karen had purposely delayed her arrival to heighten the suspense.

Karen stood back and admired Monica's first spanking story. It was a warm day and the heat was building in the garage. Monica was already shinny with perspiration. Karen ran her hand down Monica's back and over her ass causing her to jump. The rope on Monica's right wrist was adjusted and then the left so that her arms were pulled higher forcing her onto her tiptoes. Are you ready for me to begin? A feeble yes was all that came out of her lips. Monica was shaking. Half with fear and half with anticipation. The first blow fell across her back side. Then another and another until a total of 10 had landed.

Karen had stopped at an adult store and had bought a soft leather strap. It made her ass sting but it was not unbearable. Karen held her by the hair and pulled her head back and whispered in her ear. You will receive your spanking in sets of Shall I continue?

First spanking story

With every lash, her ass burned hotter and hotter. She squirmed and twisted, but tied as she was she had very little movement. She hung there, knowing that Karen had stepped back and was enjoying her suffering.

Karen stepped back and let a lash fall across her ass. A small shriek escaped her lips now every time the strap did its work, and her feet would come off the floor. Karen had not been sure what she would think of this, but now seeing Monica's body twisting in front of her was a real turn on. The heat of the garage and the effort of the whipping caused streams of sweat to roll down her body. At the end of this set of ten, Monica was almost screaming and hung limply, waiting for First spanking story next request. Her arms ached and her ass was on fire.

That was it, she could take no more.

First spanking story

The pain in her ass was one thing, but the fire between her legs was another. Karen moved up and brushed against her, and she felt a naked breast against her back. The feeling was like a charge of electricity shooting through her. The thought of a naked Karen swinging the strap was almost more than she could stand. That damn blindfold.

First spanking story

She would love to see her naked antagonist. Please no more! Please stop, I can't take any more! Please stop!

First spanking story

Had she lost her mind. She screamed every time the strap landed and lights flashed through her head. Karen was getting more enthusiastic with the strap, the more she got turned on. It seemed like forever before the tenth lash landed. Karen reached up and started to untie her wrists.

First spanking story

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