First time going commando

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Last Updated on May 22, by Buayifa. This post will cover simple tips to go commando occasionallyplus the benefits of doing so. I used to sleep in my underwear until my late teens, and one summer, a friend of mine introduced me to sleeping commando. The next tip for going commando is to take your underwear off the moment you step in the house from work or running errands. Then rinse your feminine area with lukewarm water, dry with a towel, and get into comfortable clothes but no panties.

Just relax the whole day without those pesky undies, and give your lady parts a well-deserved day off too. If you can stay a whole day without wearing a panty, then you are moving even closer first time going commando being a part-time commando lady. Even after bath timewear loose-fitting clothing without panties. Then staying without panties after waxing or shaving may nudge you a bit to try.

Whatever method of hair removal you use, your skin requires some time and ventilation especially, to heal from the depilatory process. And remember to do this every time you remove the hairs down there. Your girlie parts will bless you. Just like everything in life, going commando has both benefits and downsides. Have you ever felt tender in your feminine area during your period or just from wearing pantyliners consistently? But freeing your girlie parts once in a while would and can help prevent chafing caused by panties and pantyliners.

And a well-ventilated feminine area is less prone to yeast infections and other crazy stuff that happens down there, sometimes. That is extra care you need to add to a self-care day to help you relax as comfortably as possible. I help women learn how to live frugally, sell online, practice self-care, and enjoy their femininity.

Sharing is caring! Last Updated on May 22, by Buayifa Hey lady! Are you scared of going commando? Or you want to go commando but have no idea about how to start? And it is now second nature. Plus, it is one of the best decisions I ever made. While I can brag about it all day, I also recognize that it may seem weird to you.

So I promise to help you ease into going sans underwear as slowly as possible. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Find out more.

First time going commando

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