Foot fetish encounters

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Mar 18, 1 T Mar foot fetish encounters, 2 T Mar 21, 3 T Mar 21, 4 T Apr 13, 5 T Aug 21, 6 T Aug 22, 7 T Aug 23, 8 T Aug 02, 9 T Aug 03, 10 T Aug 03, 11 T Aug 04, 12 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Foot fetish encounters Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 12 posts. This is my mind of when i was 14 and what happened one spring break that made my foot fetish become an obsession.

This spring break sucked so far. The weather was lousy and rainy, everyone went on vacation but me. So me and my older brother went to the pool every day for those two weeks. Well he had dates but i still went. With or without my swimming suit. Heres how it all started. My brother was bored and began to pay me to do silly things at the pool. The first thing he had me do was say hi to some cute girls my age. I walked up and said " sup" they smiled and one of them replied" nothing, u? But that was only the beggining. This was the tough foot fetish encounters now.

First we saw this gorgeous life guard and we noticed her sandals were off and she was resting her feet on the top of the slide. She didnt have flat or short fat stubby toes and feet. She had long toes and a narrow foot. Nice high arch as well. She had a pedicure, with green toe nail polish. My brother got the bright idea to tickle her foot on the way down. So i did and i said " tickle tickle" hoping to get paid a dollar more.

It worked my brother was in tears of laughter when he came down. He thought this was in the spirit of fun. He had no idea i was getting sexually aroused by this. The next thing to do was do the same thing to he life guard above. I did. She didnt have a pedicure, no nail polish. But her feet were still very sexy. The next thing for me to do was to say to her " want to know why i tickled your foot? She replied: " why" so i said: " because they are beautiful" she smiled. Well she went on break and the prettier life guard with green toe nail polish was back on.

Again i decided to ask a lifeguard. But this itme the prettier one " want to know why i tickled your foot? Well my brother realized i had no problems with doing this so he told me to offer her a foot massage. So i did. She sated that she couldnt because she could get fired looking like i was a slave of some sort. But she said i could if i met her at the adress she gave me on the next day. My brother did not know this and went on a date the next day i went to her house and rang the door bell. She answered. Stay tuned for part 2!!!! NZ Tony. Good story.

I like girls with unpainted toenails though. I think it is sexier. Click on the and use the search box to search the Internet. What happen next? Why do some many people on here not finish their stories? Please continue. Thanks, gb. FJdreams wrote: um this story was from 3 years ago. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

Foot fetish encounters

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My man has a foot fetish, but what can I do to really excite him?